Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Mom

This is my mom.....she's in her mid eighties, in this picture she's comforting Verity cause Verity didn't get a present at her sister's birthday party. Poor Verity, she didn't understand.
This afternoon, my sister called. She was at my parents mom was having severe chest pains and the ambulance was there to take her to the hospital. Hubby and I rushed over in time to see her being wheeled out, an oxygen mask on her face. Scary stuff.
The nitroglycerin that they gave her at the hospital helped to relieve the pain, but the blood work has yet to determine whether it was a very bad angina attack or a heart attack. Her father and her sister and her brother, all died from heart attacks. (Well, her brother died from an angina attack). They admitted her...she wasn't pleased with that cause she'll miss church..she doesn't like to miss.
Then there's my dad...all by himself at home tonight...a first for him since mom had her last baby 51 years ago.....
Please pray for them.

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