Sunday, November 9, 2008

Birthday Weekend!

Well, this weekend was just full of birthdays! On Saturday, our Emma turned 15 years old. Tomorrow, on the tenth, it will be eight years since she came to live with us and we adopted her. It's been quite a ride! Emma has a lot of allergies and asthma...I'd never encountered asthma before, in all the years that we was a little scary at first...#1 because I really didn't know what it was and what kind of damage was going on when she had difficulty breathing and #2...going into a panic attack when we would go away to someone's house or to our trailer and the inhaler was left at home! She also has a lot of allergies and new ones seem to crop up all the day I got an urgent call from my husband because the highschool called him ...Emma had an allergic reaction to some food she had eaten that wasn't on the list of the things she had been tested the time hubby got to the school, the ambulance was transporting her to the hospital! She was okay but it did give us a little pause for concern. About four years ago, Emma started to have some difficulties with a persistent cough. After a trip to the doctor, a virus (you know, what doctor's usually say when they don't know what to say). A few weeks later, another doctor visit..this time they said it was bronchitis...a few weeks later they said the cough was pneumonia! For the next 9 months they said she had pneumonia 4 times! Finally, another doctor....this was at least 5 different doctors later...said she needed a cat scan....a month later they were removing 2/3 of her right lung along with a rare benign tumour! Nine Months People!!!!!!!

So, Emma is fine physically...goes for regular annual check ups...the surgeon doesn't have any idea how she got the tumour so they monitor it to make sure it's not coming back. So, that's Emma......

The other birthday is for my grandson that I don't have a picture of yet...that sounds a little weird I know and as soon as I get a picture I'll post it cause he is a cutie. The reason I don't have many pictures is because we don't see him very often, and the pictures I have were taken with my non digital camera...our second oldest son and his girlfriend had a little boy four years ago today...his name is Donovan. My son and Donovan's mom are no longer together but usually every other Sunday our son has visits with Donovan at our house. Last Sunday we had a birthday cake for Donovan and tonight hubby and I were able to go to Donovan's other grandparents house to give him his birthday gift. I hummed and hawed at the store trying to get him a toy that he didn't already have ...I chose a Tonka tow truck with sounds and flashing lights.....he loved it! I was so pleased.

In a couple of weeks my oldest son will celebrate his 32nd birthday! When my oldest kids were younger, my side of the family used to get together to celebrate the November birthdays....between the ones in our house and and nieces and a brother.....there was at least six! November was a very expensive month! Well, now everyone has gone and grown up and we don't have those big get togethers anymore, which is too bad, in a's always nice when family members can get together and celebrate a good thing!

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