Tuesday, August 19, 2008


This is my first grandaughter. Her name is Honour and she is five years old today!..Five years ago when we were waiting for Honour to be born, this nana was fit to be tied. You see, daughter Leslie was planning on a 'home birth'.....I have read about them, I've seen them on the television but I've never actually been part of one, in my very own family, with my very own grandchild!!!!! I'm not sure how well I hid my apprehension, but the day that Leslie called and said,..'I think the baby's coming today' was certainly a day of excitement! I jumped in the van and raced to her house.....which was a very long 45 minutes away.....to be greeted by Leslie hanging over the front porch railing with a grin on her face....like she had nothing better to do that day but give birth...if she was scared, she didn't show it.....the day was spent quietly, going for long walks....I remember this one car pulling up to Leslie and I as she was paused in her walking, in mid contraction, and the lady saying...'is she okay?' and I said, 'yes, she's just in labour'.....the poor lady wanted to drive us to the hospital but I assured her that everything was okay....
that afternoon the long awaited moment came and Honour was born......a beautiful, quiet birth.....I was so excited that I wanted to shout it from the front porch...I remember going outside and looking around and you just wanted to stop people, anyone..and say 'do you know what just happened in this house....the most amazing thing has happened...my little grandaughter has been born and she's beautiful and her name is Honour Elizabeth!
Now, five year later here she is, at a campfire, eating marshmallows with her little sister and her mama beside her.......still, amazing, still beautiful.....

Happy Birthday Honour!

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