Monday, August 18, 2008

How I get to clean my closet.....

Today is Monday.....again.....I really don't get along with Mondays.....they don't play nice with body is screaming......noooooooooo, but the clock is saying, get your sorry self up and get going!
Yesterday, I had fifteen people for supper....many people, of late, have said...'I don't know how you do that every Sunday'....well, I know how I do it,..with the grace of God and a fabulous husband who is an accountant....what does an accountant have to do with it you say...well, I'll tell you....he LOVES everything orderly and in it's helps, mostly with the cleanup, but in this house this is major!
This past week, army son came home driving a huge truck, (I never did get my nerve up to drive it....maybe next time!)....he got his license in the morning, went directly to, did not stop at go, and picked up this huge truck and drove it home....I think he's fairly enamored with this 1/2 ton of metal....he keeps driving around with his arm hanging out the window and a big smile on his face......impressing all the chicks, you see......guys and their toys!
Me, while I started handquilting one grandaughter's quilt this weekend....when Honour found out that it was hers, she was quite excited but I've decided that it's kind of like being pregnant, you should never tell the little ones too soon, cause the next day Honour came back and asked if it was done! I didn't have the heart to tell her that it would be at least Christmas. I was a little bummed because I wanted to start hand stitching both girls quilts but I ran out of quilting safety pins see, I don't baste my 'sandwich' together, I use quilting safety pins, slipped to the local Len's Mill store and they had some but when I got home found that they were so thin that I!!!!!! could bend them....not a good sign, since I basically haven't any arm muscles so if I can bend them...well, I'm in trouble. I was also annoyed that I'd have to travel for at least 30 minutes to get to a real fabric store to get better quality and believe me, this body doesn't want to budge today....but hubby comes to the rescue....he says he doesn't work far from one of the fabric stores so he doesn't mind getting them....bless his soul, he is a prince! It just wouldn't do to have one quilt done before the other one,...little girlies really don't understand, if one has to wait several months for hers while sister already has hers......oh my.
So, two weeks tomorrow is the first day of school around here! Hallelujah and Praise the Lord! The only draw back is that all four teens in my house have grown....immensely grown....which means back to school shopping which also means a lot of money and teen shopping really doesn't compute...especially when Miss Emma is a shopping diva.....the other three will pretty well accept what I have to offer but Emma.....nonononononooooooooo......not a pretty scene and certainly not something I want to even tax my brain with on a Monday! So, maybe I'll just clean my closet......

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