Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rej and Myra's Quilt

In the month of June a good friend of ours, Myra married the love of her life Rej. Rej is quite the outdoorsman and hunter, so the theme of the wedding was hunting and even the bride wore camouflage. I started working on their wedding gift in February, a quilt, and I thought I'd show you how it turned out! When Don and I went to San Diego in February, I took it with me to do the marking, as well as taking Afton's quilt to work on the handstitching. Then, in June, because I was desperate to get it done in time for the wedding, I took it to Bermuda with us to work on the hand stitching. This quilt gets around!

This is a closeup of the stitching pattern on the outside border.

The happy couple really liked it, especially the leaf pattern since it fit in with their nature theme outdoor wedding! I really love quilting!


CeeCee@Book Splurge said...

Hi! You have a beautiful blog. I hate to write this here but I had no way of getting in touch with you: You've won a copy of Healing Choices along with the workbook. Gmail me at booksplurge (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thanks and God Bless,

J9 said...

Beautiful job! It looks wonderful!

Les said...

Hey! You never told what their reaction was!