Saturday, August 9, 2008


Well, we've come to the end of our two week camping holiday...although for someone like me to put camping and holiday side by side in a sentence is somewhat of an oxymoron! You see, I dislike camping....passionately.....I've always claimed that my older sister, yes people,...all those that know my older sister, yes, she really is my older sister and now that she's finally stopped dying her hair people are actually believing me! Yes, my older sister got all the camping genes in the family and then skipped me entirely...but strangely enough I did pass them on to eldest son...strange but true! Even stranger,...what did I do for my honeymoon, years ago...I went camping! You see my hubby and I had actually no money back then (we still don't but don't tell anyone, it will spoil his accountant image!), what kind of holiday do you have when you haven't any money...yes, go camping! So, like I was saying we have come to the end of it...although my BIL would argue with me that what I do isn't real camping...see I like my bathroom to be in the same building in which I am sleeping.....being past the menopause age requires at least one and sometimes two!!!, nocturnal visits to the facilities and I really don't care to run into other nocturnal creatures in the middle of the night...especially the ones w/white stripes down their backs!....So......we have a trailer, not a tent....well, we have that but I wouldn't sleep in it,..I leave that for teenage son!.....not a hard top trailer like camping sister and BIL but a regular trailer...with an indoor bathroom.....of course it's not big enough to swing a cat in but it's big enough to ...well, you know....big enough! Anyways, I keep on digressing......camping, over and done with and just in time.....I put some supper in the microwave...(yes, yes...I know, real campers don't have microwaves but hey, you camp your way and I'll camp mine!)...and the keypad flashed and went dark...oh no....what about the supper...good hubby to fire up the barbeque and finally served supper a half an hour grouchy know when you don't feed them they get quite ugly!
As I was the end of the two weeks and let's take an accounting of our poor old trailer...yes it is old but we've taken pretty good care of it and just this summer someone said how good it still looked, but alas, just as I am falling is my beloved trailer.....the tiny fridge, kept checking out several times a day so we had to keep perishables in the coolatron, the hot water heater had a slow, tiny leak...which ran from one side of the trailer to the other..thru the bathroom, there was always this little shiny edging along the bathroom floor of water, but at five to six hundred to fix,..well, we put up with it........and lets see, what else...oh yes, the ants...they would appear anywhere...just out of the never saw them coming out of somewhere, they just always appeared in the middle of the wall......very strange...we figure that when we get everything cleaned out tomorrow that we'll give it a good spraying of Raid and hope they decline over the winter!
So, that's camping for another year....or at least my version of it.......I did get a lot of reading done which was will be good to get the teens back in their separate corners, I mean bedrooms, before they kill each other.....and it will be good for my hubby to get his sanity back....he never realized that his daughter redid her hair at least four times a day and her make up nearly as many.....boggled his mind....that's okay dear,....just a few more years.....

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