Thursday, May 27, 2010

Small Mercies...

Good Morning Company Girls!

Once again I'm doing this on Thursday night because tomorrow is hubby's scheduled day off and I think will be busy from first thing in the morning.
The lady in the picture above is my mother-in-law Bessie Mae...she's holding her newest great grandchild William. Last weekend Bessie had a heart attack..she's still in the Cardiac Care Unit of a hospital about forty-five minutes from where we live. This week they attached an external pacemaker to keep her heart beating the right number of beats per minute and today was her best day yet..her breathing is still somewhat laboured but all told I think she may make it. Thank the Lord...not only for the good of Bessie but for the good of all of us....hubby and I are still worn out from my dad passing, and the followup of getting mom's house ready to be sold my kids...a couple have expressed their feelings that they couldn't take losing another grandparent right now. It's so very hard.
So, other than going back and forth to the hospital, cleaning and sorting and throwing out stuff at mom's's been a pretty ordinary week. Oh, I did take Emma for her annual check up with the surgeon that removed 2/3rds of her right lung almost six years ago. I casually mentioned to him that I'd like to know the effects of smoking pot or regular cigarettes on Emma's lung.....he went on to explain just what effect that would have...of course not good, (as I figured) plus he stated the negative effects of it, such as smelly breath, dirty looking teeth, wrinkles on your skin. Well, let's say Emma was not pleased with me for bringing this we were leaving she said to me..'I'm not speaking to you'.....if only I could have counted on soon as we were out of the office she started in about the latest thing that she wanted to do....go to the beach with her friends who most assuredly do drugs....of course she denies that they I've often said to my kids 'last I looked I don't have stupid written across my forehead'! Anyways, as we were going to the van...Maya, who had joined us after the appointment (the appointment was at the hospital that Maya has been working at) wanted to sit in the front seat. Emma said, 'no, my stuff is all there...I'm sitting there'......I just looked at her, (because I really didn't want her sitting by me at this point) and said..'no, you're not speaking to me, remember? Maya can sit in the front'. Well, Emma huffed and puffed all the way to the van. I do admit to having a small amount of feeling of satisfaction over the whole thing.
So, this weekend all the kids are suppose to be away...well, the youngest four anyways...3 are going to a youth retreat with our church and one will be going to her friend's. They are all very excited ....hubby and I are rather excited too...a whole weekend with no teens!!!!
Praise the Lord for small mercies!
Have a great weekend Company Girls!


One More Equals Four said...

I'm so sorry about your dad. I haven't been on here in weeks and had not read the news but I have thought about you and wondered how ya'll were doing. I hope your momma is okay and adjusting. Let me know how I can specifically pray for you.

Have a great weekend and hopefully get a little rest.

Cathy said...

I've been praying for you Marie! I'm so pleased to hear your mom-in-law is doing a little better.
I hope you and your husband enjoy your weekend! You need that!
Be blessed!

Alicia said...

Oooh, enjoy the weekend with your hubby!

Jen said...

I am so glad that your MIL is doing better. What a full plate you have had. I will be praying for her recovery.

Anonymous said...

What a time you are going through. Praying for you Marie. Do enjoy the time with the kids away, so that you can have some refreshment.

mholgate said...

Praise God that Bessie seems to be on the mend! :) What a blessing.

I am taking the kids on a trip over the mountains when they get out of school in two weeks. We'll visit their Grandma (my mom), Grandpa (my dad) and Great Grandma (my mom's mom.) My dad hasn't gotten to spend much time with my kids, so I'm especially looking forward to that.

Enjoy your teen-free time! :)


Cari Kaufman said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your dad...I have been away for a quickly things change in this world. I will be praying about your mom in law and everything else! Enjoy your teen-free weekend!