Thursday, May 6, 2010

Good Morning Company Girls!

True Love....that's my mom and dad....this past March they celebrated 66 years of marriage.
This past week, since my dad had his heart attack a week ago, they've put in an unbelievable difficult week. By last Friday afternoon my dad had been transferred to the cardiac care unit, he was very, very sick. He was on Isopril to regulate the beat of his heart, and antibiotics for the C-dificile and V.R.E. they discovered after he got there. He had to wear an oxygen mask to keep his oxygen sats up in the 90's and they had difficulties keeping his blood pressure higher than in the 70's over the 30's...we all wondered if he was going to survive...we didn't know how he could.

By Saturday, he showed a tiny bit of improvement...on Sunday, you could actually have a conversation with him. We were encouraged. By Monday, the doctor said they thought he had 'turned a corner' and she was cautiously optimistic. I decided, on the advice of many to go with hubby to Chicago. We came here on Tuesday and my sister sends me daily updates that show that dad is getting a little better each day. Yesterday they were able to wean him off the isopril but he still requires extra oxygen.

The doctor said my dad was a fighter.....why would he fight when so much was wrong...he told me the day after his heart attack that he thought it was all over..that he was so tired of fighting. When his dad and sister were faced with death a few years ago, they gave up and within a very short period, died. My dad is still here..why..because of the love of his life, my mom has dementia, my dad does not want to leave her, he still wants to look after her....

That's what I call...... True Love.......the very best love that can be between two people.

Always, always hold out for that kind of's stands the test of time, through hardships and joy....the very best kind.


Melinda said...

God bless your dad :)

Anonymous said...

It is true...I have heard of this so many times where true love keeps people alive.

Ashley said...

Praying for your family!

Just making the Coffee Girl Rounds this AM - Have a GREAT weekend!