Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Relaxing summer time???

Last night, hubby and I sat with the calendar trying to figure out summer holidays. It was very difficult. Our weather has been so weird it's really hard to know when the best times for camping would be. When I was a kid, July was always quite warm and pleasant and August was usually very hot. Now we seem to get the warmer weather earlier so that by August it's very cool and damp. Cool and damp and camping aren't really a good combination.

Plus, as I was saying about appointments...it used to be that I could schedule appointments before school ended and then after it started again in September.....now, we have three specialists and a family doctor appointment in July...very annoying to try and work around when you're at the trailer 2-1/4 hours away....it would seem that specialists don't take into consideration that you might be on summer holiday...and if you don't take the appointment, then you have to wait three more months! Geesh!

All the time that my kids were growing up, hubby and I used to look upon summer as the 'down' time...you know...no schedules, no having to take kids for music lessons, athletic events, you know..a relaxing time......When did summer time become so much work?

Do you think we could just skip summer this year and get on with fall?

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Anonymous said...

I hate making appointments. It is almost impossible to even get through to our pediatrician's office. I think the days of relaxing summers are long gone. I really miss them, and it's a shame for the kids to be soooo busy all year round these days. It's really nonstop for them.