Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Looking at the clouds..

Yesterday hubby took a half day vacation day. He was suppose to take it the day before we left for Chicago but didn't because things were sooooo busy at work. We have these very good friends...they used to be our pastors..oh, about twelve years ago....they're lovely people, in fact he (Bob) came and did the sermon at my dad's service last week. Bob was telling us that a few days before, his own mother celebrated her 102nd birthday! One hundred and two years! Good grief! One week later his mom died. Hubby and I went to the visitation yesterday afternoon in another town. Originally hubby said that I could meet him part way and we would travel the rest of the way together but then he changed his mind and took his half day and came home first. I was ever so glad. Going wouldn't be the problem but I really don't like coming home part way...leaving hubby to get into my own vehicle and driving the rest of the way home. It's kind of lonely, parting that way.

So, off we was a lovely sunny day....hubby's (new to us) car has a sun roof which he opened and I felt like a little kid as we drove along and I stared up at the clouds high up above. It got me thinking about my dad in heaven. I said to hubby...'have you ever wondered where heaven actually, physically is?' 'I mean, the scriptures infer that it's somewhere, up there...but I wonder, where is it?' hubby didn't have an answer....inside my head I was actually thinking....where's my dad....are you up there somewhere dad...looking down on me driving with my hubby....while I'm wondering, missing,.....missing so much....

My hubby's car is an older model's a lovely car to go into debt for for the next five years....he's really enjoying driving it as he travels back and forth a couple of towns away to go to work......

Hubby looks over to me and grins and says...Are you glad you came 'saabing' with me, dear?...I smiled back and said 'yes, yes...I'm glad I did'.

I look back up at the clouds and know my dad would be smiling too.

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