Monday, November 9, 2009

Too much........ a lot happened over the weekend.....some good...some not so good. There were many times that I wished that I had stowed away in my sister's car...she left on the weekend for a holiday in Florida.

Emma's party didn't turn out as horrendous as I had envisioned....unfortunately her school friends baled and didn't of the church friends was iffy, and didn't end up coming and another church friend is on a hockey team and they had a game and then her dad didn't want to drive that two girls came...but they did have lots of fun...making pizza and peroghies for their supper (I know, weird combination)...and icing cupcakes....(left my kitchen marked for a disaster zone....watched a movie that we heard them uproariously laughing over at times...all in all it went well...she was disappointed at the numbers but was pleased that everybody had a good time.

Saturday was a do nothing day...which suited me just fine...

Sunday was horrendous. We went to church. Eldest daughter and I run the children's Sunday school program, and it runs at the same time as the church service. There was a baby dedication yesterday and the parents of the baby asked eldest daughter to sing a solo.....dilemma...eldest daughter is required in our program at the same time...our minister said 'no problem'..have all the kiddies come into the service, witness the dedication then go back to their program...oh, and while they're there they can stand up in front of the congregation and sing a song...fine...done and done.....then we went back to the kids room where, instead of the usual lesson program we were packing boxes for Samaritan's Purse.... The last three Sundays have included a special program all about three different countries where Samaritan's Purse distributes their shoe boxes and the kids had been earning 'box bucks' so they could 'purchase' items to go into their boxes. Well, picture Christmas morning and multiply it by 40 kids and that pretty well sums up the packing time.......oh my goodness! The kids had a great time though and hopefully it made a positive impression.

Then we had lunch and stayed for Christmas play practice....our Christmas program is on the first Sunday of Advent, November we need the practice!

After that, we raced home to put the finishing touches on the house before extended family members arrived for Emma's 'family' birthday party. On Saturday, all day,...Emma worked very hard making this cake...which there should be a picture of somewhere in this post.....not bad for her first effort! Soon family members arrived, stayed for a few hours and then left. Hubby made some supper for the ones that stayed (eldest daughter's family and us) then they left too.

After that we had a conversation with 'army son', by phone...who, apparently, I wont be calling him that for much longer. He's chosen not to re-enlist, and will be moving back home in two weeks and staying til he gets a job!!!!! It has been my experience...(with eldest daughter, eldest son and second eldest daughter and briefly second eldest son...that this situation is never good. They have lived outside 'the family' too long and have forgotten what it's like to live in a family. They don't tolerate us well and we don't tolerate them just upsets the apple cart, so to speak....not good for relationships all around, really.

I was glad to get to bed last night....all in all, just too much in one day.


juniper said...


I am so sorry we couldn't be there. Emma did a fantastic job on her cake. I can't imagine dealing with that many kids and the flurry of activity at Sunday School..and then of course much busyness at home-sounds like a full day. Hope you are getting some rest today. Let's hope-and pray that Paul gets established quickly after coming home. Did you see my blog yet?
Hope you're having a good day.

Les said...

That cake didn't look so crooked in real life....

Ryan said...

"It has been my experience...(with eldest daughter, eldest son and second eldest daughter and briefly second eldest son...that this situation is never good."

eldest son?!?!?

hey, I never moved back home! I hit the open road and stayed free!! (I crashed with eldest sister instead...)