Friday, November 6, 2009

Emma is Sixteen!

Good Morning Company Girls!!

Do you remember that song from years ago...'What a day for a daydream'...well, I wish today was the day for goodness!

Emma will be sixteen this weekend....she has planned a birthday party for herself for tonight. Now, because we are a 'large' family over the years I've had to draw the line for the age when birthday parties stop....usually it is at the age of ten....but..... Since February Emma has been planning this party....first she wanted it in the early birthday because she wanted a beach party....she set up the requirements for us agreeing to this...she would get over 80 in all her subjects! Well, hubby had a fit...there was absolutely no way he'd agree to that....but I quickly pointed out(out of earshot of Emma) that Emma barely passes most of the see, she has good intention but lacks focus and soon loses her train of thot when it comes to school work.....she has boggled the mind of many poor teacher over the years! They beg her to hand in any work at all just so they'd have something to mark...anyways, I digress......I was positive the marks wouldn't be happening so I agreed. Needless to say...we didn't have a summer beach party.....

So, in August, she started to plan the one she is hostessing tonight......she's planned activities and games....she's invited about five friends from school and be here all evening til 11 p.m.! We shall see how it goes but I'm sure she'll be happy with it because she has planned everything!
We shall also see how hubby and I survive a houseful of sixteen year old teenage girls for the whole evening!
On another note, with Emma....Emma has asthma (she also has many allergies) ......apparently one of the prerequisites for obtaining the H1N1 flu shot is having the doctor's office called and wanted her to come in for, I took her there, sat for about twenty minutes in a 'germ filled' atmosphere..which I wasn't pleased about......only to have her finally called in and then come back out....' has salmon'.....'what are you talking about?'....the has salmon....I'm allergic...I can't have it!' Good grief......I was not impressed!
Yesterday morning I spent the whole morning in the orthodontist office while Megan had her braces put on....I will admit that I've been waiting for this day since she came to live with us four years ago.....her teeth are really crooked....something could have been done by removing some when she was younger to make room ..but it wasn't....somebody dropped the ball back then and by the time she came to us it was too late. It's very difficult for her to brush her teeth and get them clean when the teeth are so crooked. So, yesterday morning, for 2-1/2 hours...she sat, while they applied the braces. I will not post a picture....I will not tell her...but it isn't a pretty site.....I hope she doesn't get teased at school today....she would be very upset.
So.....if hubby and I survive the weekend then I will talk to you next week...let you know how it all went.
Two weeks...give or take...till baby Wett! Yea!


Sallie said...

Congrats to your Emma!! She looks like a lovely girl and I know you are very proud of her!!

Sallie said...

a big milestone! I remember the nervousness of planning my own teen birthdays. I hope she has a great time just getting to be with her friends.

(stopping by for Company Girl Coffee)

Diane said...

Happy Birthday, Emma! She looks absolutely radiant in that picture.

With that many sixteen year old girls around, I'd recommend earplugs for the rest of the family!

Poor Megan - and at that age, it's so difficult to keep thinking forward to how nice it will be when it is all over. I'll be praying she doesn't get any teasing.

mholgate said...

Happy Birthday to Emma! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Emma! Good luck with the party. I do sure hope you survive because I want to hear about how it goes.

One More Equals Four said...

Happy Birthday to Emma! And while it is tough for are blessing her so much. My parents were not able to afford braces when I was young and I hate that my teeth look so awful! Now that I am grown, my dentist always tries to convince me but we are paying for our kids' dental work and I can't bring myself to do it on me!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Rachel Anne said...

You've had a full week! I smiled when I saw Emma's photo...she looks beautiful. Sweet sixteen - oh, I hope you survive the party!!

Braces...paid for 3 kids and I would love to get them for my own bite, but can't "bite" on the bill :)

Jhona O. said...

Happy Birthday Emma! She is a beautiful girl. I hope her party is all she dreamed it would be and that mom and dad survive the teenage girls!! My Gracie girl has asthma and just got the shot herself. So far so good there! I also hope that Megan had a wonderful time at school with no teasing at all. Braces are hard!! Can't wait to hear about it all next week.

Thank you for the compliment on my kitchen!

Dawn said...

Wow, you always have so much going on! Happy Birthday to Miss Emma - she is a beautiful young lady. I hope you survive the party! lol!

Thanks for the coffee! I enjoyed our visit. :)

LydiaCate said...

Emma is beautiful! I do hope all goes well with the celebration! I can relate as my soon to be 13 year old would like to have a sleep over...still thinking on that :)
Megan will be so pleased when all hte dental work is done. Tell her to hang in there.
Have a blessed weekend!

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

Wow - 16! Happy birthday! Her picture is so beautiful...such a grown up young lady! Hope the party was fun!

A new baby Wett - definitely somethign to look forward to!

The Queen Mommy said...

Sweet Sixteen is a big deal - what a lovely picture - how exciting. I had a great Sweet Sixteen. Now I'm preparing for my Fabulous Forty. lol