Thursday, November 26, 2009

Special Places

This weekend I remember a sweet little boy...I didn't get to know him but he was very much like his big brother so I know that he is sweet. Three years ago my third grandson was born....but he was already with Jesus. There are certain songs that I hear at this time of year that remind me of him and I will admit, leave me in a puddle. "When a child is born" and "Please celebrate me home", are just two of them. I miss him on his birthday, I miss him at Christmas, I miss him at any family celebration really. I weep and grieve for what we were denied.
Special places in your heart...that's what they are......the wee ones that we never got to hold, never got to sing to, never got to laugh with....
I don't want to bring people down over this post, or upset them (Jennifer)........I just want everyone to realize that these wee ones were real, not to be hushed about, not to be forgotten...but to be validated. Validation is so important to a mother's heart.
Sweet Hayden and our little Leah.....nana and mommy love you and miss you.

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