Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Miss Verity is 4 years old!!!!!...and Paul is all grown up!

This is my most favourite four year old.......Verity is celebrating her birthday and is extremely excited! Four years ago we all gathered at Leslie and James' house in Brantford to await the home birth of this precious little was a beautiful day, just like today...sunny and warm. It was a miraculous sight to watch her being born...although we all had a 'moment' when her head came out but the rest didn't but Leslie had a fantastic midwife, who swooped in and pulled down and out she came. I'm all for students learning...everybody has to learn..but, I was glad that Tamara was there to step in. Verity has the disposition of her mother.....always going, always active,..climbing everywhere...just like her mom was.....I find it truly interesting to have these flash backs when I see the mom in the child.
Happy Birthday Verity!

Of course, I can't figure out how to move pics around so Paul's pic is at the top...:0)
I will not forget, although that our son Paul, the army guy is also celebrating his birthday today...21!!!!! Unfortunately, he's 'out in the field'...doing training all week....I did send him a text but I can only hope that he got it. Paul's turned out to be a pretty good guy....sure, he does a few things that, as his mom, I wish he wouldn't but hopefully someday he'll see that mom was right after all and stop doing those things...but on the whole I'm pretty proud of him...he's done what he wanted to do in his life and he's stuck with it. Pretty good for a little 3 yr old that came walking into our house, all those years ago and the worker saying....'we think he's a bit slow' a young man who is smart, caring and is a pleasure to know!

Happy Birthday Paul!

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riotwife said...

Beautiful kids, you must be so proud :)

Birthday blessings to Paul & Verity!