Monday, May 18, 2009

I Love my trailer....really!

Back home from the trailer......we froze!!!!!! It was a lovely time but very cool....and rainy...and windy.....! There was some sun after the rain but still cool, so it was a little difficult to do a lot outside....everything was quite wet and sometimes swampy.

There were a few issues with the trailer that had to be addressed this season.....when you have a 15 year old trailer, I guess it was bound to happen. Last summer, towards the end , our microwave quit working, and so did our bar-b-que, also we developed a water leak, which we weren't quite sure if it came directly from the water heater or the piping, plus for the last few years our fridge has been cantankerous...working when it wanted to or trying to switch to gas from hydro. Sounds like some expensive stuff, right? We did find the right size microwave and took it up, hubby worked on the water leak and seemed to stop it....thank the Lord.....but the fridge.....

When we arrived hubby turned it on...just to see if it might work this season.....he was pleased that all the appropriate display lights lit up....after an hour, he checked to see if it was cold or not........not only was it not cold but an odour came from it so overpowering that we both ran from the trailer! It was a freon/ammonia leak! We were quite unsure as to the safety of all that so we reinforced to the kids that they couldn't open the door....until army son showed up and before we could warn him he opened the door to see what was to drink...everyone hollered at once!

The next day, hubby contacted an uncle who's in the refrigeration repair business and when he heard what happened, he 1) said oh, that's going to cost you and 2) nah, there's not enough in those little fridges to harm you......upon further discussion, he agreed with another repair man that our best bet would be to pull it out and get rid of it and replace it with a large bar fridge that hopefully would do the job. Since army son has lots of muscles and I don't, yesterday morning was the ideal time to get it out of the trailer...even though we didn't have anything to replace it with yet. They opened all the windows, put on the stove fan and tried to put on the bathroom fan (this is a small trailer- 29', things are very close to each other)...I say tried cause when army son put the bathroom fan on, ALL the fan blades (plastic) just broke right son says 'mom, you need a new trailer...I said, son, you can just buy me one if you desire...he grinned.

They opened the fridge door and ran out of the trailer til the fumes dissipated and then went back in and hauled that sucker out of there.

Now, we have an even bigger problem.....checking on line last night did not reveal any bar fridges that would be the right size for the opening that is left, a full size fridge, even the smallest is too would cost close to a thousand dollars, (definitely out of our price range)....I even thought that maybe we could stack two smaller bar fridges one on top of each other...but really, that would look quite tacky....and another trailer fridge would be at least $800....still out of our budget..........

Hopefully, sometime in the next month we will have an answer to our could be a tricky summer without a fridge to store the food for the hungry masses...otherwise known as the four teens in my household......good Lord, save us!


Ryan said...

what's the dimensions on that fridge?

crappy tire has this one for $229:

It says the dimensions are:

Depth: 21 8/16 in.
Width: 20 8/16 in.
Height: 33 1/16 in.
4.40 cu.ft
Shipping Weight
77.6 lbs.

That sounds about the size of that trailer fridge to me.

juniper said...

OH Mom,

So sorry about the fridge and all of the problems at the trailer. Not very relaxing weekend. It's so frustrating when you have to spend all this money maintaining what you already have. I'm going through a similar experience. Thoughts and prayers are with you as you try to find a replacement...