Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Doozey of a Day

Okay, then so if I survive today then it will only be a miracle! Even though yesterday was an extremely exhausting day....today will definitely take the cake.

Yesterday, I left the house @ 9:30am, drove to eldest daughter's house, dropped Megan there....quilting class has become impossible to enjoy with Megan along for the ride....then went to the church and enjoyed quilting class till almost 1 p.m. Then I went back to eldest daughter's house and looked after the grandgirlies while daughter went for a school meeting. When she came back, we had the fastest cup of tea ever 'cause I had to get to the baseball game in the next town that Maya was playing at which started @ 3 p.m. I just want to tell you that sitting in the bleachers, in freezing, overcast weather with an empty tummy....I never did fit lunch in there....was not a treat. Three, hours later, I succumbed to treating the girls to supper at the Golden Arches (I had the chicken salad) because I still couldn't go home yet! There was a church meeting to attend to......so, back we drove...(actually I drove, the girls just sat there) to the church for a 7 p.m. meeting!

Now, I don't know how church congregational meetings go at your church but this one was a lesson on futility and frustration.....how, people can just go around and around in circles talking about the same thing , for sooooooo long, is beyond me....I mean, really people.....what is the problem with agreeing about handicapped parking...for the love! So, then we finally leave the church, well after 9 p.m. and arrive home just after 9:30p.m.! Twelve hours after I left!

Sounds like a great day, right? Well, today will be an even more doozey day than that. Why, you ask? 'Cause Megan's going to visit the high school for the first time.....we've already gone through three different shirts, to find the right t-shirt...the girl has grown like a weed and plus she still has this swayback posture that promotes the belly hanging out....which in a way is a little humorous since she's at least 5'4" and 100 lbs.,...you get the picture....she has already peppered me with at least 20 questions about going.....everything that we've covered many times over since her brother spilled the beans five days ago that she was going. I've always been one of these mothers who didn't like telling their kids til the last moment when we were doing something special....just couldn't take all the questions and excitement for many days...and then if it didn't work out ,then I didn't have severely disappointed kids on my hands that I had to console and promise the moon to, to make up for it.

So, ya, that's my day....plus now she's come to me asking about questions about Friday, when we're supposed to go up north and open our trailer....it's traditional on the first long weekend of May to do so. Yesterday, I had to tell Maya of our plans to leave around noon on Friday so that she would tell her co-op placement......Megan overheard....that girl can have excellent hearing when she desires it.....so, she's just come asking what time dad will pick her up at school...she doesn't want to miss the last two classes, where they stick her just to keep her occupied,...she's afraid the teachers will miss her....I said that it will be fine...she doesn't agree...in desperation, I say fine, stay home then....that stops her....but then from the kitchen she's already announcing that she wants to sleep on the pull out couch....the most coveted spot......in the trailer.....

Ya, it'll be a doozey today...no doubt about it! My husband told me to make sure I get lunch today....

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juniper said...

Hope it went okay Mom. Sounds like a very harried day indeed. Hope you have some time to fit in a little R&R on the long weekend.