Friday, May 29, 2009

A Day Off.....NOT!

Busy...busy,,....terribly busy!!!! Good Morning Company Girls! Day Off! Pshaw! Whoever heard of such a thing....not I ....

Friday's are supposed to be my day off but the last few Fridays haven't worked out that way and today isn't shaping up to be one either! Daughter #4 just called from the highschool saying that she needs some stuff for a class that she forgot, Daughter #1 called, at the same time and said..'can you check this document I'm sending that I have to submit to the church this morning'......daughter #2, needs me to call her soon cause she needs a ride to my mom and dad's this morning to join with other available family members to say good bye to my uncle. He's moving out to British Columbia tomorrow.....he was widowed earlier this year and is finding it very lonely and his only remaining child lives out there. We will miss him, but it's very understandable. It's also early dismissal today so that means all the kids will be home by lunch time.......I need to get the oil changed on the van, get some groceries (my pantry has never been so bare!)....go to the card store and get a Wedding card, and a birthday is my dad's birthday...go to the hairdressers and get my hair cut....race home and on the way, pick up daughter #3 from her co-op job, which she's trying to make up some hours that were lost due to baseball games,......quickly pack my clothes for an overnite to the trailer because a very good friend is marrying her beloved, on the beach , at our conference grounds (where our trailer is) tomorrow morning!

Take a big know people say to write things down but oh my gosh....this sounds much worse now that I see it written down!

Well, I hope somebody out there has a good day off!


CindyC said...

Just keep saying to yourself, 'I think I can! I think I can!' :)
I hope you have a great weekend, full of wonderful memories and good times!

Kara @ KSS said...

Wow that's a little crazy!! You can make it!! And I'm impressed you took the time to write a blog entry in the midst of it. :)

joyceandnorm said...

Since when do moms get a day off? I want to request a day. haha

Have a good time at the wedding.

Jolanthe said...

Hope you get it all done! Have a great weekend!


Reese said...

Sit down and have some coffee!!!!

Your family obviously needs you!!!

LydiaCate said...

Whew! I hope you get a break this weekend! Enjoy the wedding, that sounds great!

L Harris said...

LOL. What a day! Thankfully, I don't have to run around like that yet!

Mommahen said...

Yes definitely have some coffee! I couldn't make it through your day without it!

My birthday was Friday! So I enjoyed the day for you. hehe ;-)

Thank you for stopping by my place. My son's hair wouldn't bother me so much if it wasn't so stinking wavy. He can't do anything with it. I like it much better now. But it's good to hear that other moms have been there too!