Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Weekend...

Well, it was a lovely fall (autumn) weekend here in our neck of the woods. Hubby and I were suppose to go up north on Friday but he had been feeling under the weather all week and unfortunately it came to a head Friday morning and we were both very disappointed. We had been looking forward to a good visit with friends of ours for months, they used to be the ministers at our church and when they retired they moved about four hours away from here. All day long we were lamenting that it would have been a beautiful day for a drive. Praise the Lord though, hubby is finally feeling better...I was starting to get husband is one of those that hardly ever gets sick and when he does he doesn't get his shirt in a knot over it....I teased him that he is the most self sufficient sick person that I know.
Yesterday. we had a church shower for a young couple who are leading our teen class in Sunday was a lovely is that! Then I took Emma and Maya to the at the mall is not a good thing!...I hate shopping (and the Christmas season is coming up very quickly).......sigh...anyways,...Maya needed dress shoes for church.....she was convinced if she got black running shoes that they could pass as dress took some convincing and then Emma started in...she just had to have new shoes...which was kind of true cause she was still wearing flip flops...which would be fine if we lived in San Antonio, where it's 79 degrees, right now, 10:13 pm....but hey, we're in Canada, eh......cold, you know...not freezing but definitely not flip flop weather...but I was standing firm....only one pair of shoes could be afforded! It was her lucky day because PayLess had buy one, second half, I relented and Emma lucked out!
When I finally got home...hubby was feeling better finally and we were off to the grocery store.......oh joy, what bliss!

On to Sunday....busy, busy morning.....Leslie and I are leading the Sunday school program and it's very high energy non-stop from the time I get there at 9:30am till it ends at 12:30pm....I know 3 hours doesn't seem very long....but have I mentioned lately just how old I am!!!!!??

Then we came home and all I wanted was to rest see, I started a stew yesterday and the vegetables had to be prepared and put in with the meat and broth that I started cooking yesterday. .....So, supper is done, the kids are in bed.....another weekend is done......and in a few hours it will be Monday.....and it starts all over again.......

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Rachel Anne said...

Sounds like you had a busy weekend! The stew was probably the last thing you felt like making but it sounds wonderful and fall-ish.

Thanks for linking up at the Company Girls Coffee...I hope to get to know you better. 9 kids and 5 rock!

Sorry it took so long to stop over, but I was gone all weekend! Got nothing done at my house but a retreat was worth it! :)