Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just call me stupid!

Two days into homeschooling Megan.......yesterday she went to quilt class with me...I decided to draw a simple picture on a piece of felt and then I spent an hour teaching her how to sew buttons on the outline. It was rather tiring....for both of us......then she did some colouring and looking at books til the end of class. She was very excited and keeps calling her piece of felt 'a quilt'. By the time we returned home, after having lunch with my sister and her husband, it was time for the highschoolers to come home. Maya had a game at the school and Megan wanted to join me but I told her she needed to spend some time on other activities.....(I didn't tell her that I needed a break too).....it's tiring always working (and living) with a teenager that has the comprehension level of a four year old!
Today, I had my weekly bible study at a local church....we're doing a Beth Moore study (by video) and I thought she'd at least be able to find it easy to watch the video......and she did, but she also sat there and fidgeted constantly, so lesson learned...next week I'll take some quiet work for her to do......
After Lunch, at home...I got out all the workbooks I have that has reading comprehension and math facts and she spent about an hour doing a page or two in each. Then it was story time....and before you knew it the highschoolers were walking in the door again. They aren't too thrilled with me homeschooling Megan....they think it's a royal ripoff......they think that I should be homeschooling them too......well, just open up the door to the loony bin and reserve me a bed!

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