Monday, October 20, 2008

My Long Weekend.....

So, it was a very busy weekend...on Friday night the kids had youth group at the church and at supper I accidently broke a piece off one of my molars...annoying...but the dentist was closed.... so we dropped them off at the church and then hubby and I went for a stroll through the local mall...I usually avoid malls but I'll spend time with my hubby anywhere, especially without the kids....malls aren't too bad when you don't have someone whining for something that you can't afford! On Saturday morning we just had to get to the grocery store...payday was the previous day and by the time that day rolls around the pantry is fairly bare! Then in the afternoon we worked on my hubby's latest project...the basement...about a month ago hubby declared that he'd like to have all the excess out of the basement by the end of October....well, it's coming up and so far we hadn't got to, for the afternoon, we sorted and threw out and made a pretty good dent! The part I like is around the laundry area.....I don't have one of those lovely laundry rooms that you see in the magazines, our laundry 'area' is in the basement and when the piles of dirty laundry pile up..well, it isn't don't even want to do the fact I can usually find any excuse not to go down there! should see the 'area' now since we got rid of a lot of 'stuff' can actually walk around it, without stepping on laundry spread everywhere! I could even feel encouraged to do more laundry......well, let's not get too carried away.......I had to keep reminding hubby that we were going out in the evening..we had been invited to go to a coffee house at the church and they were going to have a ton of yummy that point is very important....because while we were having a bite to eat before we left......part of one of my other molar's broke off!!! Unfortunately this is an annoying recurrence for fact it occurs much more than I want it too. You see, when I was a young kid there wasn't a high priority on brushing your, I know that sounds just gross...also.... there wasn't fluoride in the tap that resulted in a lot of cavities and a lot of fillings....a lot of fillings.....and now I'm paying the price of my reckless youth....broken teeth! This molar, though had a very sharp edge that keeps cutting my tongue! It hurts to swallow, eat, talk and drink!
I left a frantic message(s) on my dentist's answering machine and then I called this morning, just begging to be fit in.

Meanwhile, this morning I had to go with eldest daughter and her four kiddies to the hospital to meet with a doctor in regards to some genetic research. (You see, both myself and my oldest grandchild were born with a disability that comes under a similar umbrella, so...they want to do a study on us and all of the grandchildren so that they could see why oldest grandson and not the other grandaughters). When it was my turn to meet with the doctor she casually mentioned about everyone getting blood work done! WHAT! Bloodwork!!!!! Bloodwork for me is a very painful process..over the years they've exhausted all the veins in my arms and now the always have to get it from my foot! I wasn't impressed and the doctor knew it but I dutifully complied....and then we got to the blood lab.........I say to the lab have to take it from my foot and please use a butterfly needle...she says...we can't take it from the foot without a note from the doctor...I said..well, there's the requisition.......she, a separate, she says...look, we're professionals, I take blood from little newborns with tiny veins...I'm sure I can get it from you.....well , yes, she did....but, it came out so slowly and so sporadically that after one tube, she was suppose to get three...she gave up and said...well, that's all they're going to get!
Later on in the afternoon I took Maya to her after school basketball game(they lost..). I came home and Emma had made some brownies...nice, soft brownies......well, you guessed it ..more of the first molar broke off......I had soup for supper.....
The dentist can finally see me tomorrow afternoon........I just hope he can fix it (them) this time.....good grief!


Esthermay Bentley-Goossen said...

Does ANYone have a laundry room like the magazine shots -- or HGTV makeovers? I've NEVER seen one. Mine can't possible be worse than yours.
I've enjoyed reading you rundown of weeks events. And love the photo of DH asleep (sitting up!) on sofa. This is -- of course -- the preferred DH position for sleeping as it gives those with less than astute perception, the idea you're NOT asleep. See it often here in my house!
I'm new to the coffee-girl thing. Kinda neat to get in on other ladies' lives.
Kindest Thoughts,

Rachel Anne said...

I guess if there is a bright side to the tooth problem, it could be that they both broke at the same time so it may save "extra" trips to the dentist?? I can only imagine how difficult it would be to deal with.

And the laundry! We don't have basements here in Texas, but it still feels like a bit of a dungeon at my house. I'd love to get mine fixed up, too!

Fishy Girl said...

So sorry to hear about your molars. I had a molar chip because of Runts candies. I learned a valuable lesson-suck on hard candy, don't bite.
Also blood from your FOOT?!? are my new hero.