Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Budget

So, a few weeks ago I decided to get involved with our budget...I've tried to do this before..but haven't really persevered. You see, with having so many kids my hubby and I have kind of divided up things....kind of traditionalist, but never the less...he looks after the financial end and I look after the kids....I do the inside and he does the outside of the house...but I'm afraid that over the years that has changed hubby does a lot in the house, I am very fortunate. Since a few friends have died over this last year and left spouses floundering in not knowing how to handle the areas in the household and family that they weren't accustomed to....I decided that I needed to get a little more involved in the finances. Now there are good things about that and there are bad things.....very bad finding out that just running to the grocery store for a little something to go with supper, after you've already done the grocery shopping for the next two weeks..really cuts into you next pays grocery budget.....or when you have Thanksgiving dinner, and it comes out of your regular grocery shopping budget that it takes a huge chunk! Or when you all of a sudden have a birthday spring up or a shower gift to buy...where does that money come from when you have an extremely tight budget with no room for extras like that.....I think they call it robbing Peter to pay Paul.......
So the good things are that I really get to see where the money is going, I get to know what bills have to be paid and when, I have become more conscious of impulse spending....especially when I realize there isn't any impulse spending category and I become more responsible in the regular, necessary spending that I have to do.
The bad side is that it stresses me out...when it's three days til payday, and laundry to be done and I have no fabric softener left, when my son says that the one dog we have is almost out of dog food, which is $50, three days before pay...when all my eggs were used up at Thanksgiving and I have none for the week.....before, I just let hubby carry the load...I'd just go out and get the stuff, cause after all, I needed them and let him figure out how the money was going to cover it...I really did him an injustice, that was very wrong of me.
So, for the good and bad.....hopefully this was a good move for me, I think it was...even though I've always told my hubby that he has to die first cause I don't want to bury him......we really have no control over that....but God is in control and that is reassuring...and after all He looks after the lilies so Iknow he looks after us......if you need something to read that puts it better than go to She does have a way with words.

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