Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Friend

For over thirty years I have had this particular the early years it was on and off but in the last fifteen our relationship has been pretty good. We would visit when we could and talk on the phone everyday. Until this past summer.......a really terrible thing happened to my friend, nothing that I can blog about but it has had a very negative effect on our relationship. At first, we communicated several times a friend was devastated and I did what I could to help. After a few weeks, out of the blue my friend hurled an accusation at see, in one of those degrees of separation situations, I had been affected by what happened to her also. My friend had started the healing process in her situation but I had not......I had been so busy helping her and being concerned about her that I had not stopped to consider doing anything about my feelings.
Our relationship is strained and I am in despair.

I have been working on my feelings, praying, discussing with my hubby and friends. I have come quite a ways ....... but the damage has been done to our friendship and I really am saddened that it will never be the same. It was a good friendship......and I miss it.

Or.......was it really a good relationship/friendship in the first place.......or was it just in my imagination.........I feel such a terrible weight on me.......

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