Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A New Year.....

These are our four youngest that still live at home. The boy at the back is Ben, 17, and the girl in the black shirt is Maya, 16, the other girl beside her is Emma, 14 and the one in front, in the purple shirt is Megan, 13.

The three oldest went off to highschool and the youngest is in grade 7, in the local elementary school. They were all looking forward to going although Maya was awake half the night because she was so anxious and Emma spent the evening before doing a dry run of her hair style and makeup! The other two were just excited to go...I had to stop Megan when she started running down the road to school after the picture was taken !

After a long quiet day they all returned, filled with all their different news of the day.....and so another year has started.....right now all the teachers are great, friends are wonderful and life is terrific.....wait til the end of the week!

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