Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Soldier named Paul

This is my son Paul. This is my son Paul with his new truck. He loves his new truck.
Paul is in the infantry division of the Canadian Army. I wanted to put a picture of him in his uniform (he looks so handsome!) but alas they are on hubby's computer and I asked him how to get it onto mine and he's not quite sure.....must ask one of the young uns...they always know! Paul has been in the army for two years next month and we've been very fortunate that he hasn't had to do a tour in Afghanistan yet....much to his annoyance....he really wants to do that...well, I guess that's what all his training has been for...I have mixed emotions about it all.
I'm very proud of him and the career decisions that he has made but I do admit that everytime I hear about another Canadian soldier dying in Afghanistan, it does send a little niggle of dread deep inside me. I tell myself that anyone walking in downtown Toronto has the same chance of getting hurt,...or having his life a soldier overseas.....that's what my head keeps heart..well, that's another story.

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