Saturday, September 13, 2008

Maybe a good thing...

Well, Friday morning went pretty well. Megan and I actually had a very productive and enjoyable morning. After breakfast, I pulled out some workbooks that had kindergarten and grade one work and she did some pages in each that touched on printing, reading comprehension and decoding. In doing the work she had the option of colouring some of the pictures on the pages and she did quite well....she's actually a very good at colouring, which is something since her fine motor skills are usually quite poor. Then she helped me with some laundry...I taught her how to fold the facecloths while I folded the towels, then we did the dishes....why is it that even when you have a good dishwasher you still end up with fry pans, cookie sheets and pots that you have to handwash? Anyways, I washed and she dried. After that I got a story book and we sat down and read it together. By that time it was lunch time and then Leslie and the grandkids came down, so Megan had an enjoyable afternoon playing Barbie with nieces.

All in all, it was a pretty good day. If I decide to do this I can see some positive a large family there isn't a lot of one on one time, unless you're driving one child to an activity or doctor/dentist this would definitely give me some one on one with my youngest before she goes off to high school, a year and a half from now. It could be a good thing.

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