Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pomp and Circumstance

I enjoy classical music....not all classical music but a good part of it, I enjoy some contemporary music....not all but part of it,..I even enjoy some country music..(I have all of Lonestar's c.d.'s, before they switched lead singers!)....I enjoy most brass band music...that happens when you're fourth generation Salvation Army...yes the 'Army' is actually a church!.....I enjoy pretty well all sacred speaks to my soul......I must admit that I'm not a big opera fan....but a few artists like Andrea Bocelli, I really in summary, I enjoy's a big part of my waking hours.....I even leave some music playing in the house when I leave so my doggies don't get lonely!

A few weeks ago I was looking on line at a favourite artist of mine, her name is Tricia Romance and when I went to her site the most beautiful piece of music was playing....I immediately asked my hubby what the piece was and he didn't I called eldest daughter, the music major and played it for her...she said that she was pretty sure that it was Nimrod by Elgar....and she was, last week I went to the local mall and picked up at cd of Elgar's works.....did you know he composed Pomp and Circumstance, know, that piece they always play at graduations? Well, this morning I was driving into the dentist....stupid back tooth broke..again...and the P & C piece came on (I was playing the cd).....all of a sudden I flashed back to when I was 18 and graduating from high school. At that time my hubby and I had only been dating for a couple of months and he lived about an hour and a half from me so we didn't see each other very often. Well, the very weekend I was suppose to graduate, I had the opportunity to go and see the newest love of my life so....well, can you guess....I decided to go and see him and not go to my graduation. For some reason, when I listened to P&C this morning..even though I've heard it many times since at all my childrens' grads....I've never once before flashed back to my own...but today I did. I must admit to feeling quite sad.....I was very foolish in the decision I made and I just wished that my parents had insisted that I go...but they didn't.

It makes me realize that the times that I know my kids, even when they're older and I usually give them a choice when they get older...that maybe there are still some situations that you should still assert your parental authority ...and then maybe ...hopefully....40 years later that they wont wish that someone had insisted that they not turn their back on such an important milestone.

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Les said...

So you and Jamie have something in common.
Although he didn't visit me when he missed hid grad...:-)