Thursday, September 2, 2010

Part of a Week in the Life of....

Well, it's been a very busy week....hubby still hasn't had the time to put my pics on the laptop so no pics to show you. On Monday, I took Megan for her annual check up with the pediatrician.....he's at the children's hospital in the city, so it's a bit of a trek to get there. He decided that Megan needed some bloodwork and they prefer having it done at the hospital so we had to stay for that...after waiting for an hour and a quarter to have our number called, they brought Megan in to draw her blood. Megan's never had that done before so understandably went into a panic...the tears flowed, but through constant talking to her and making her always look at me and not at the needle..we got through it.

Then I raced home...dropped Megan off and then picked up Emma and arrived a few moments late for her appointment at the high school with the Vice-Principal. She wanted to talk to Emma about this years classes and about Emma's need to smarten up and perform better. I'm afraid I wasn't very impressed with the v.p., her little speech lacked any kind of substance....Emma just said yes, yes, and yes..and the v.p. said..well, I hope you have a good year! Then she sent her to the guidance office to change her classes a bit.... leaving the house at 10 a.m., I didn't return til 4 p.m........I would say that maybe one hour in total was actually any interaction with other people...the rest was driving and waiting...and waiting...and waiting...I was glad I had brought along a book to read!

Tuesday was a little more relaxing...went to visit my mom for a bit then on to my massage appointment.....I have this little problem with my muscles...they don't work very well and the doctor says I need regular massage therapist and I have become friends (I like to think)..we chat about it's kind of like massage and friend therapy at the same time! It was a lovely 45 minutes!

Wednesday, I woke Maya early because we still haven't found a bathing suit for her...had to go to a mall that's twice as far away as the one I usually got to but we had success and Maya got her bathing suit! We were also looking for hair clips...ones that were recommended to use to 'wrap' her hair around her head each night before she uses her hair luck with that but did find the hair conditioner to use on her hair that was recommended...on sale! Bonus! Maya didn't end up getting her hair cut last Friday...the hairdresser said that she'd find it much higher maintenance to cut it short...she'd have to flat iron it every few days and do all manner of stuff to it just to keep it looking nice. She ended up relaxing it and trimming off the dead ends.....Maya, although initially was disappointed that she didn't get it cut short, in the end was pleased with the results and has been finding it fairly easy to look after this week. It really does help to have a professional look after these things!

Today, I hope to go and see my mom then return in time for my grandgirls to come for a visit! Eldest daughter has to take her son (my grandson) for an appointment in the big city of Toronto...knowing traffic she wont return til early evening. Emma and Maya are going out with a friend in the afternoon...then Emma, and hubby and I have a counselling appointment this evening. I hope we get a few situations that have arisen this past week ironed out!

Tomorrow....well, tomorrow is the dreaded shopping day.....I know, I's all in the attitude...well, when it comes to shopping for clothing my attitude distinctly sucks! Actually, there is some shopping I actually like...such as meandering through Home Sense...or places like that....or put me in a fabric store looking at the quilting fabrics...I find that very peaceful...but clothing shopping....ugh.....but I've put it off long commences on Tuesday and I can't have my kids looking like ragamuffins!

Have a good day!


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