Friday, September 10, 2010

Oh dear....

Good Morning Company Girls!!

Well, it's been some week...good grief!

On Monday we took Maya up to the camp where she'll be spending a lot of her time for the next few months! Poor kid...she was apprehensive but tried not to show it...I'd show you pictures but hubby still hasn't put them on...... I casually said to him the other you think you would have time to put my picture gallery back on (from the external hard drive) this evening? He looked at me rather sheepishly and replied...'well, I'm not quite sure how to do that...I think I need to check with James..(son-in-law that took everything off my laptop and put it onto the external hard drive to begin with!)....I was confused...I said 'well, then how come you told him you could put it back problemo!???' Good grief....well, pics of Maya looking cautiously pleased to be at her new place. Hopefully this gets worked out very soon!

On Tuesday the other three started off to school...took a pic of that too...wasn't going to given that they're all so darn big now...but one of them said before they left 'aren't you going to take our always take our's tradition!' So..I dutifully got the camera out....hopefully you'll see that too...someday.....

Wednesday I went to the for me..but to watch over grandgirls while eldest daughter had her cleaning and check-up...I will admit to coming away from there quite worn out...where do they get their energy! On the way home I stopped and visited with my mom for awhile........she's doing pretty well most times...but the nurse came to check on her when she didn't show up for lunch one day....she was playing her mom says that was the only way she got through the three years that my dad was overseas (WWll) after they were married, when he was in the, the nurse goes in to check and there was mom, sitting, playing the piano...the tears running down her cheeks...the nurse started crying because when she checked to see the song my mom was playing it was one entitled 'Without Him' the nurse thought it was about my dad but it's really a song talking about Jesus.....I would imagine in my mom's case she was probably crying about both.....poor wee mom...

Yesterday...I did nothing, absolutely, positively nothing... I realized after a very poor night of very little sleep that I was in a tremendous amount of pain...everywhere....and whenever I got up to do anything, it just made it made me extremely rested. Maya called to say that she had tipped the canoe she had been in with two other people....she said the water was freezing...I encouraged her to have a nice warm shower but she didn't have time before lunch to do so...thankfully she wasn't hurt and didn't ruin any of her new clothes or her one pair of running shoes she has with her...she was wearing older clothes and flip flops on her feet.....

Today is just starting.....the pain is manageable so far so maybe I'll get something accomplished! Although I'm not sure you ever have one of those days (I have a lot of them) when you have so many things that you could and should be doing that you end up doing nothing because you can't decide what to do?

Oh dear, I think it's just getting back into the routine of things that's the problem....and if it isn't...well, let's say..that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Have a great weekend, company girls!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the pain. I definitely know what you mean about the days when there's so much to do, and you end up blowing off everything.

I'm glad that Maya didn't get hurt. I'm cold now thinking about that water.

I really hope to see some photos soon.

Jen said...

I am so proud of you for doing nothing and just resting. So often, I think we just try to push through the pain and end up just feeling so much worse. It's good to heed God's call to slow down and sometimes just stop altogether.

One More Equals Four said...

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, hope you feel better soon. It really is hard to get back into routine, isn't it! I think a day of rest was probably much needed.

I remember singing "Without Him" as a little girl, I LOVED that song! I know your mom is grieving, but how precious that she can turn to the comfort of a savior!

LydiaCate said...

I hope you get to feeling better. Maybe you'll have a more restful weekend. I can pray that for you at least!
Glad too that Maya is okay! Can't wait to here more about her experiences...she is going to do so much growing through this!
Have a blessed weekend Marie!

Riggers said...

I'm not suprised you needed to rest, your week sounds exhausting!

I think your daughter will enjoy herself at camp once she gets settled - I worked at an outdoor centre while I was at college and had a whale of a time!
It was also the only winter I wasn't full of cold and sicky bugs, despite the constant canoe capsize drills! I think the fact we were outside all the time meant we either became immune to the bugs or they blew away or something!

Looking forward to hearing more about her adventures!
Have a peaceful week!

Aiming4Simple said...

I hope your routine gets humming smoothly this week. We've finished week three of the back-to-school routine and last week was the best so far in terms of productivity.

What a beautiful image of your mother at the piano. I can imagine my Grandma doing the same thing. I'm off to look up the song you mentioned...

I hope you are feeling better. Have a blessed week.