Friday, April 16, 2010

A little guy in a red basball hat...

Dear Company Girls,

Today I have a story about a little boy...the very first time I saw him he was walking down the hall, holding the hand of a social worker at our local Children's Aid Society. At that time we were a foster family and this little guy was coming to stay with us....he had a mop of dark black hair with a little red baseball hat on his head. The biggest, dark eyes you'd ever want to look at were staring up at me.....he was 2-1/2 years old and his name was Corey. Almost three years later he legally became our son. We legally called him Cordell Jonathan but he's always been Corey....except today when I heard the doctors in the ICU at the hospital call him Cordell.

Last night started out being a quiet evening, it had been a beautiful warm day...warmer than usual for our part of Canada. It had been a tiring day...helping my mother pack for her upcoming move to the retirement home...I was weary and was just relaxing, watching a little television when the phone rang....the call display said private name, private number...which I wondered about because that's usually hubby calling but I knew that he was busy with his class at the college (where he teaches in the evening)...when I answered this voice asked if this was Corey's home or his parents home...I said it was his parents...they said he'd been involved in an accident, he fell off a motorcycle. They went on to say that they'd be airlifting him to the nearest trauma unit, in the city, close to where we live. Now the nurse said that he was doing well and was talking to them but I knew that if they were airlifting instead of going by ambulance that it was serious...I also knew that the trauma centre specialized in head trauma.

I quickly texted hubby but unfortunately his class was writing their exam , he couldn't leave his students. My sister just happened to come along at that time and she drove me to the hospital.

It was a very long evening.

We sat and waited and waited and waited. Hubby arrived. We waited some more. The doctors would come out and give us little tidbits but couldn't really tell us a lot til the did the Cat Scans and blood work. Then they finally took him up to ICU.

After he'd been up there a few hours they took him back down for another cat scan...he had bleeding in his chest and they weren't sure if it was a damaged aorta.

The doctor came and talked to us again...another doctor...I think the fourth, described how he was covered in serious abrasions from the the nurses who were looking after these abrasions said he must have rolled along the road (sounds so gentle doesn't it?), since both front and back of his body was scraped), they put in a chest tube because part of his lung had collapsed, then, because he became combative they had to sedate him, and because they did that then they had to intubate him. Now, warning this next part is not for the squeamish, so beware....Corey suffered a gash across the back of his head, from ear to ear, in a jagged pattern, that tore his scalp and pulled it forward....they stapled it back together!

So, would you like to hear the miracle in all of this?

Corey suffered no fractures, no major internal injuries, no brain damage,.......people...he should not even be alive....the doctors said it was remarkable.

That's not the first time this has happened to Corey.

You see, when Corey was about 3-1/2 years old...he almost drowned...well actually he did...eldest daughter had taken him to the beach where we were camping...she turned her head for a few moments and when looked back...couldn't see him...when she did find him he was already facing down in the water, his legs spread eagle, unconscious. Leslie (eldest daughter), pulled him out and started CPR, a pool was nearby and the lifeguard came running in time to roll him on his side for him to vomit. The doctors at the hospital said that if the CPR hadn't been done that he would have died.

He should have died then. He should have died yesterday.

For the last ten years, Corey has turned his back on God. He's lived his own way...drugs, alcohol, fathering a child. But when he was a child Corey gave his life to God...I truly believe that God had a plan for Corey then and I still believe that he has a plan for him now. I have no idea when Corey will accept that....Corey believes that there isn't a forgiveness big enough for all that he's done. Corey's wrong...there is, I just pray that someday we can convince him of that, that someday he will know that God has never left him, that God is still with him, that He's set his guardian angel to watch over him(and he's given that angel a run for their money, to be sure).....

.......that God has written Corey's name on the palm of his hand.....He has not forgotten him.


One More Equals Four said... have had a time of it lately! I really do not know how you do it. I am so sorry that you have another stress added to you. However, I agree. God is not through with Corey and I believe He has great things for Him! Lifting you up in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

Marie, I didn't have a chance to comment last night because I was reading your post on my phone, but I'm praying for you and your family at this time. I'm sorry this happened, but I'm glad he is alive, and I hope it may be the wake-up call that your son needs to get back to the Lord. Continue to keep the faith. Keep us updated on how to pray for you.

Ashley said...

Praise the Lord for having His hand of protection on your son! Praying that he will come back to God through all of this.