Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Life in the COOL......

Yesterday was a somewhat quiet day for the most part...the other parts included having two men come to my house, drive my two dogs crazy while they took our oil tank out of the basement. Now, we have this empty corner in the basement where the oil tank has sat for 50's kinda groady.....then, later on in the day another technician type guy came to take an oil manager meter,..or our old furnace that is due to be removed tomorrow. I guarantee you that the dogs will also go crazy when this happens. Our male sheepdog, Reilly is determined to protect the house and all that is in it from any male in a 4 mile radius and our female just gently walks around the house like she's the reigning monarch! Other than that I was quilting a good amount of the day....until athletic girl had to get to her basketball game at the highschool.....she shot 3 three's, a two and two foul shots! Way to go Maya! Then I whisked her up to the church, with only a moment to spare, for band practice. She
lamented along the way that she wouldn't get supper til she got home....Poor Maya...

Today, Maya has another game but I wont be able to see it because I have to take Megan to her Teentalk's a socializing program for developmentally delayed should be done just in time to get back down off the mountain (really a hill) pick up Maya from her game. Then, glory be, hubby is suppose to be home this evening...and yes, he's planning to take tomorrow off to be here when then furnace is removed and the new one put in! Yes!!!!!! I love it when hubby is fact I can't wait til he can retire!....about 9 years and 3 months from now!

......oh, is getting kinda cool in the house......glad we should get some heat tomorrow!......although the sheepdogs like the cool!

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