Friday, September 25, 2009

Drama and Angst!

Good Evening Company Girls!

I'm a wee bit late today...been on the go since early this morning and this is the first that I've had to sit down and write a post!

This week has been full of some angst that I could have done without for all started last weekend when eldest daughter and I found out that we got into a little hot water for doing something that some members of the congregation took issue with....why do people feel that the can go to those in authority and have the right to complain about something that they don't happen to agree with ...why?....personally, if something happens during a church service that I don't agree with, I wouldn't dream of going to the pastor and complain about it...I would probably just grouch to hubby about it....but go and complain to the way...not my style.....I think the thing that really ticked me off about the whole thing is that I had a terrible time getting enough Sunday school teachers for this fact, I'm having to teach one of the classes...not ideal, but what else could I do....anyways, ..the people that are so quick to criticise wouldn't dream of coming and helping out with the program. I think that if you're not willing to help than you should put up and shut up....just my opinion. Then, last Sunday, when we had our very first day of Sunday School starting up again, we ran into a little problem when one of the rooms that we needed to use for a class room is also used for another group....well, this other group got their knickers in a knot when they couldn't come into the room when they wanted to......they had to wait ten minutes!!!!! Oh my goodness,...the poor, I had to have a little conversation with one of the people from that group so we could 'come to a compromise'....which of course meant that we were suppose to find another room....well, we've run out of rooms.....unless you would like to have your child sitting in a small room with the churches industrial size dishwasher and the churches recycle boxes (filled with recyclables) as their room decorations!!!!

Than....drama queen daughter brings home a birthday party invite from a girl at school....I will admit that as soon as I saw the address of where this girl lived I declared...'no way am I taking you to that area!' is an area that is well known for it's drug dealings......anyways, instead of telling the girl that she couldn't go because she had the first night of the season youth group at our guessed it....drama girl told the girl what I said....well, of course the girl took offense to it, which I would certainly expect...then the girl goes home and tells her mother...who also took offense....and then said mother decides to call me and politely ask if my girls could come to her daughter's party......I could tell by the edge on the woman's voice, harder than a concrete slab, that the mama was out for bear, I said the girls had youth group and one of the girls had basketball tryouts....mama said well, couldn't they come after that,..that she'd bring them home...her daughter really wanted my daughters to of course, I said yes.......I'm telling you people...I really don't need this much drama in my life!

There's a song that is one of my favourites for the Simon and Garfunke, Bridge Over Troubled Waters album,,,,all about keeping the customer satisfied.....well, I'm 'ohohoh' so tired , just tired of keepin' the customer satisfied...satisfied!!!!! (Ya, I know, I'm datin' myself)

Next week is a busy week....we're having to replace our twenty year old furnace and air conditioning...big job because we're also changing from oil to gas....something that fills me with trepidation...gas makes me very nervous...but everyone says it's sooooooo much better. So, one day they come and remove our oil tank from our basement......which means we have to clean more of the basement this weekend...and then two days later they come and remove the old furnace and put in the new......

Then on Friday it's hubby's every other Friday day off so ...since it's the day before his mom's birthday we plan to drive an hour and a half away to her house and have lunch with really is nice to be able to go places while the kids are in school!

Then on Saturday eldest daughter wants me to go to a scrap booking day with her....I hope I have the energy left!

Have a great week ladies!


Shawna R. B. Atteberry said...

I hope next week isn't so angst-filled for you. It always comes in multiples doesn't it.

Good luck on your busy week!

mholgate said...

Ahh, the art of church politics! I feel for you. My husband is on staff at our church and there's always a question of who does what and where and when will it happen, and who on staff gets to set up for it etc...

It happens everywhere. We've been on staff at a few churches now and it's always something. But it's usually whining from the ones that wouldn't dream of helping to solve the problem! :)

Sorry to hear you had a crazy week. Hopefully there won't be as much drama this week.


One More Equals Four said...

Wow! You are right. I think people often need to just see where they can help instead of seeing how much they can critcize. Sorry about the rough week. However, the scrapping with your daughter sounds fun, hopefully you will have the energy to enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you have to go through that. Norm's about to go on staff at church and things have started already. It's sad really that it is Christians who act this way. My thought is the same as yours, if you're not doing anything to help, you shouldn't complain. Hope things will get better, and that the kids will have a room for SS.

Rachel Anne said...

Wow, 10 whole minutes that you made them wait! No wonder they are mad.

I'm sorry you had a rough week! I hate that kind of drama...especially around church.

Hope next week is smoooooth sailing!