Friday, September 18, 2009


This is Leslie....a very pensive shot...Happy Birthday, Leslie!

Happy Birthday Lauren and Ryan!!!!!!

Good Morning Company Girls!!!!!

This weekend is Birthday weekend in our house! Well, to be quite frank, from now to Christmas is Birthday Season in our house....a lot of birthdays happen when you have nine kids and almost six our family a lot happen between September and December.

Today marks the day, 35 years ago that I became a mom for the very first time...eldest daughter was born at 1:38am after about 30 hours of labour! In the end the doctor had to perform a C-Section......ya, unpleasant but we finally had our little girl......we were exhausted but thrilled! Now she's all grown up, married with 4 little ones of her own.

Next Tuesday, on the 22nd, second daughter was born....although I wasn't there when she was born there's an interesting story about it all. We had been a foster family for a couple of years and had received our most recent foster child, in the July. He was a handful but for some strange and weird reason, while we were on our holidays in August, hubby and I discussed opening up our home for another child...we were only approved for one child at that point...foster that is...we had two birth children at this time. We discussed and prayed and decided that yes we would. When we got back home from holidays, I kept meaning to call the Children's Aid agency....but everytime I went to call I was filled with anxiety that prevented me from calling. Finally, on September 22, I pushed through the anxious feelings and called our worker to tell her that we wanted to be open for two kids......she said that she'd have to come and check our our house to make sure there was enough room and she set up an appointment to do that the following week. At the end of the first week (the appointment was set for the next week), I received a phone call from our worker. She said that a tiny little baby girl had been born and would we consider taking her......a newborn!!! I jumped at the chance....that was on the Friday and the worker said she'd bring her out on the Monday......that was a sleepless weekend for sure! I said 'but we haven't been approved for another child yet.../.she said that it would be okay, she'd check it out when she brought the baby!' The amazing thing was that this wee little babe...all 5lbs.80z. of her had been born on September 22nd...the very day that I had called in.....if I had called earlier, when we got home from holidays, we would probably have had another child by then and sweet little babe would not have come to our home! Amazing eh!...totally the Lord's workings in my mind! Oh, and obviously nearly two years later we were given the privilege of adopting Lauren Kristie Victoria!!

The other birthday that we've been celebrating lately is second daughters' boyfriend. He's really become part of our family, which is a good thing, as Martha would say, cause he's a really nice guy...Ryan (boyfriend Ryan, not son Ryan...ya, that part gets a little confusing :0) ) has his birthday the day before second daughter, Lauren!

So, the time the weekend is done we'll be all 'caked out' but hopefully all will go well as we celebrate the birthdays of these special people in our lives!





One More Equals Four said...

Wow! Happy Birthday...everyone! Our December 29-April is like that, we have five birthdays in our immediate family, two grandparent birthdays, my sister and my sister in law! It can be exhausting!

Enjoy all that cake!

carikaufm said...

Wooh! lots of birthdays around your place! Enjoy celebrating the lives that God has brought into yours!

joyceandnorm said...

Happy birthday to everyone!!! Birthdays around here are spread out throughout the months. Only month we don't have one is June, and Melody says, "Nobody in June." Have a great time celebrating.

L Harris said...

Happy birthday. We have a week in October with 3 birthdays.

Teresa McNamara said...

What a wonderful story about Lauren! I really admire the way you were able to open up your home to children who needed it.

mholgate said...

That's so fun! Our next wave of birthdays comes in November. My youngest daughter is turning 5 this year! I can't believe it! Then we have two other birthdays (mine and my son) at the end of Nov.

Enjoy all the festivities!

LydiaCate said...

I love those kind of birth stories.
You and your husband have a special gift! Thank you for sharing that story.
Happy Birthday to all!
My January will be like this month is for you.
Ice cream and cake sound really good!

Rachel Anne said...

You've got a lot of festivities this time of year! Do you all get together for birthday parties, or what do you do to celebrate with so many?

Loved Lauren's birth story...and your girls are beautiful.

Les said...

Thank you mum. But next time you want to put a pic of me on your blog, I can furnish you with much more attractive ones....or at least ones with better posture!