Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Gift

What an unexpected lovely gift that we received last night!

We have a couple who we've been friends with for so many years's hard to remember when the friendship started. Kim and Dave were and still are this couple that are larger than life...they are enthusiastic and full of energy.....two things that hubby and I are lacking! It's an odd friendship to be sure but one that's full of laughs and good times when we're together. Over the years, we've had to work hard at keeping our friendship current because we're all just so darn busy! We try to get together for supper every 3-4 months...telephone conversations are impossible because Kim and Dave are empty nesters now and they're never home. I've taken to sending her emails every once in awhile to catch up....usually I throw a few zingers in to get her attention (not hard in my family where something is always happening!). Although quite often their Internet is down and Kim can only read emails at work. A few weeks ago I sent her one of those emails, and was mildly curious that I hadn't heard anything back.

Well, yesterday Emma decided to make supper...which is normally great and I always welcome anyone making supper (even though I have a huge family and cooking for 12-15 is normal for me, I've never considered myself a person that just loves to be in the kitchen!) ...anyways....Emma decided to make a dish that was extremely spicy....this old digestive system doesn't do spicy and hubby's been having an acid reflux problem lately so neither does he. Before he got home from work, I gently said to Emma..'I hope you wont be offended but dad and I wont be able to eat your supper tonight'....she was very understanding, saying that was okay. When hubby came home and asked about supper... I said 'well,...we could have poached eggs on toast...or he could take me out'......he said...'where would we go'....'well, we could go to that pub place in Grimsby'....'let's go' said he. Off we went.....

We had just place our orders, when I noticed a couple being led to a mouth dropped open and I said.....there's Kim....and Dave....hubby turned and slightly raised his voice (hollered)...'Bergin!'.......and there they were....the couple that we usually have to have a meeting of the minds and calendars just to make a dinner date 3 months in advance.......What a treat...what a gift!

We had a lovely impromptu supper and catching up.....their son had just got married in June (we were invited but since it was in British Columbia, impossible to attend) and their daughter is expecting their first grandchild! They are over the moon!

I'm sure that this evening was arranged by the Lord.....Emma was suppose to make supper the night before and I put her off and had leftovers instead.....we rarely go out for supper during the week, restaurant of choice is usually in Hamilton or Burlington...opposite direction to Grimsby,.....Kim and Dave live about 40 minutes away from us but were visiting a new baby born to a niece at the hospital nearby and just happened to ask the niece where a good place to grab something to eat was.....ya, definitely arranged by God 'cause we couldn't have done it near as well...(if you've ever seen Kim and I on the phone with our calendars trying to find a date when we are all four available , then you'd understand)........

A fabulous gift .... thank you Lord!

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juniper said...

Mom, I'm so glad that you had this opportunity. Praise God for that divine meeting with very special friends.