Monday, February 23, 2009

Well, Lookee, Lookee!!!! The Family Homestead!

Eldest son is in the homeland.....well, not mine but hubby's great grandparents......Germany....this is a castle that is suppose to have our name on it! He said that he finally found a place for all my kids! I told him that I might find it a tad difficult to clean....

Hubby is teaching tonight, so it's a long evening...he left at 7:30 this morn and wont return til 10:30pm........I really find these days tedious. I should be working on the V.B.S. crafts for March Break but really don't have the energy......should be reading Chapter five in Dave Ramsey's book (homework).....good grief....should be making a decision about having an almost 12 year old coming to stay with us over March Break...her parents are having a rough time..the dad has cancer....but the child is quite devious and I don't trust her..and I do have my hands full for March Break already....but...if I was going through the same thing I would hope that people would help me out with my kids.........good grief....if anybody has the answer I'd sure be interested.
Well, according to eldest son's comment....maybe we really don't have the ol' homestead....oh well, too many bathrooms to clean anyways!


Ryan said...

well, unfortunately it doesn't really have our name on it - the writing was all in german, so I couldn't read it. I just noticed the gold crown on top and decided that it was sufficiently suitable to bear our name. In reality, I think the Germans might consider it to be a municipal building of some sort. They don't know that I have claimed it in the name of wettlaufer.

Ryan said...

At it turns out, maybe we had a stake in it after all. Well, we never would have owned it, but we might have visited.

The castle was built in the 1700's for the prince bishop.

This same prince bishop was good friends with and depended on a military alliance with Philip of Hesse, the patriarch and leader of the neighbouring reagion nammed Hess.

dietrich wettlaufer, Dad's great-great-grandfather, was born in the mid 1800s to Peter wettlaufer. In the early part of the 1800s Peter had married a woman named Elizabeth Hess. They lived in the region of Hesse, of the above mentioned Philip of Hess, the friend of the castle owning prince bishop. Now, all smiths in smithville may not be related, but what are the odds of Elizabeth Hess from Hess not being related to Philip of Hess? Thus, my theory is that Philip of Hesse is actually one of our ancestors, and thus surely the crown prince would have had him over to visit the castle now and then.