Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dressers and Life

When I was a very young girl, my sister and I shared a room....and a bed....and at one point even a pillow. Now that was all fine and dandy on my part...but not for my sister. You see, there are some things my sister and I have in common but in many ways we are very different. I've always had other priorities in my life, other things taking up my brain space......oh, never mind...let's just lay it out....I was lazy and she was not! The one thing that drove her crazy was that she has always been a person that loved to have everything in its proper place, and when I was younger, I did not...I could care less if my clothes were picked up and my dresser tidy. The dresser.........piled high....sometimes, so high that I couldn't reach the top....when my sister picked up our room, that's where all my stuff landed.

Fast forward 50 years and the look is still the same........I really have changed...somewhat....well, a little.... I , too, prefer to have everything neat and orderly.....but my dresser....well, my dresser really is the bane of my existence....(and we really wont even get into my desk that's downstairs covered in kids school stuff, scrap booking paraphernalia and quilting materials and patterns!). I would take a picture for you all (all 3 of you that read this blog!) to see but that would really be far too dresser always is the last on my list...and when I finally get to cleaning it off and it looks marvellous(for 5 minutes)...I can be heard to say...this is how it's going to wont be messy again.........ha! liar!

Sometimes, I wonder if my dresser is indicative of my life....right now, I feel like my life is a messed up, confused pile of junk that I have absolutely no desire or energy to sort out...when I think about tackling it, my dresser or my life, I really do want it to be neat and organized...but....there's always something else that needs to be done...a kid to be taken here and driven there, another appointment to keep, another fight to referee....another meal to make. The dresser just sits there.....staring at me.....
and even if I finally determine to straighten it all out, my life and my dresser.....what do I do with all the junk? You know what I mean,...all the stuff you remove, still need/want it but now you have to find another spot for carry it all to another spot and before you know it that area is messed up to....a vicious, the dresser and your life just sits there, reminding you, taunting you, that everything is not alright, that you need to act , that you need to find the energy...somewhere.

Ah...good news! Youngest daughter, whom I home school, was learning a new life skill the bathtub! At first, she wasn't thrilled but after going through each step with her, bit by bit, I praised her that she had done a pretty good job! This morning she came to ask me if she could do it again...I said..'well, when it's dirty again-sure'....she asked..'can I do the toilet too!!! ..and the sink!.....I said, sure.....she clapped her hands and said 'yea' this how Tom Sawyer felt? you think I could teach her how to do dressers?

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