Sunday, February 15, 2009

Houston Continued.....

So far our time in Houston this weekend has been fairly constant...after hubby finished with his seminar we had to move to a different (cheaper) hotel....the one we are at is fact it's a housekeeping unit so there's a fridge, microwave and even a dishwasher (although there isn't any dishwasher soap...go figure...maybe they really don't want you to do the dishes!) So far we tried out three eating establishments...two that I read other American bloggers talk about...Sonic and Chick-fil-a.......Sonic was okay.....Chick-fil-a was definitely better.....last night we went to the Galleria....this humongous shopping mall that has equally large underground parking....I mention the parking because when it was time to leave we couldn't find our rental car! I thought we had taken note of the area but it turned out that the 'zone' we were in was quite spread out! Well, there was an extremely friendly parking attendant on a golf cart (Texans are the most friendly people!)...she insisted on driving us around the zone until we found our car....which we did, thank the Lord!

Today we went to the Arboretum...which was okay...probably would have been better a little later on in the season....then we went and saw a battleship....hubby loves seeing those things....they had a demonstration of a bunch of different guns being word were they loud!!!!! It made me wonder how my son who is in the army has any hearing left! Then we went to see this huge monument...the San that time I was absolutely done in...I can only take so much museum stuff....which hubby just loves....he must have taken a couple of hundred prepared!

So, tomorrow is Sunday....I really wanted to go to Beth Moores' church, so hopefully we get there! Then Monday.....we fly should be another very long day since our flight isn't scheduled to land in Buffalo til 9:30 pm!...So...I'll probably be comatose on Tuesday!

It's been a lovely break...although I just realized yesterday that it'll be another four months!!!! maybe even five!!!! til we can walk around outside with just a fleece jacket or shirt sleeves on and not heavy coats!!!

Oh well.....

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