Thursday, February 12, 2009

A day in Houston!

Ah...Houston! I must admit to a fondness for Texas....I have a brother that has a problem with that,but, oh well....we've made several trips to time we had a layover in Houston but didn't get to see the city...well, today I'm sitting in a hotel room on the sixteenth floor in the heart of Houston. It's a sunny day, albeit still a little cool....the t.v. says it should get up into the 70's later and after weeks of below freezing at home, I'm looking forward to it! (although, wouldn't you know it, before we left home it was actually above freezing and the snow was melting..yea!) Hubby has left for his conference and wont return til late in the afternoon so I'm on my own in the big city! That's a little intimidating for a country girl.....but I plan on screwing up my courage and going for a walk amongst the towering buildings surrounding me a little later on. My hubby loves to search out different places to go and see when we're visiting a new place so I'm sure he's got some places to check out once he's done the seminar for the day. I did bring little Verity's quilt with me to work on and I have several books and actually it's my kind of sit and do what is my hearts' desire and not feel guilt because I really cant do anything else....blissdom!

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