Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back Home

We have returned from Texas! Sunday was a wonderful day...we attended this humongous church....everything's bigger in Texas y'all...and then we drove for three hours to see the Riverwalk (one of my favourite places) in San Antonio....I'm tellin' ya...even though the actual Valentine's was spent at the hotel with Chick-fil-a for supper, sitting on the Riverwalk having supper at a little Italian place more that made up for it. Good Grief....I'm spoiled! Of course driving for another three hours to get back to the hotel was extremely long and tiring but the trip was definitely worth it.

Yesterday, we woke fairly early (had to get the free breakfast at the hotel, you know), then we returned to our room to repack everything....(how come it never quites fits back the same way it so nicely fit when you originally packed it at home...I mean..who knew that dirty clothes took up so much room!).....then we left to hit a Joannes fabric store to get some Texas material to make a quilt....let's see,...I think that'll be number four on the waiting list.....but it was fun....then we went to another mall across the street to kill some time before going to the airport......some lady at one of the kiosk's decided to give us some free sample soap from the Dead Sea....I'm not sure just what it's suppose to do for you and then she grabbed my one hand and started polishing my one fingernail......she assured me that it would remove all the ridges and make my fingernail shiny for two weeks...no matter what I did to it...wow....but now I have one shiny fingernail and nine dull fingernails...watch out for the glare!

Then we went to the airport and waited for our flight from Houston to Cincinnati and then on to Buffalo......both flights were on small regional jets....not my favourite kind of plane...if I'm going to go down I'd prefer to be in one of those biggy ones....(claustrophobic tendencies, I'm afraid).....I couldn't help but wonder as we were approaching Buffalo about those 49 people last Thursday night who were doing the same thing...about the same time...in the same kind of little jet.....and they didn't land safely.....as I looked around at the people beside me...the woman listening to her ipod (even though the flight attendant had asked for them to be turned off)...the man looking at some business papers....another gazing out the window at the lights of Buffalo....is this what it was like for those people, not expecting anything, anticipating so many things...people awaiting their arrival, family celebrations happening, children waiting for their moms and dads to return.......I wasn't scared,...it just made me wonder ...we never know do we,...the next moment..the next hour...the plans we make.......how many of those people on that plane last week were instantly in heaven...or not.....

It does give you pause.

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