Monday, June 21, 2010

Enjoying the Quiet.........

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh....the quiet of a Monday morning after everyone has left for school and I sit here in bed with my laptop......I hear the birds chirping and the sound of the odd car going down the road...and that's it! Pure Bliss!

I will not have another Monday morning like this for eleven weeks!!!! That's when school starts up again...and maybe not even then if Maya doesn't get a job! Let us all take a moment of silent prayer and pray that Maya gets a porter job sometime in the next eleven weeks....PLEASE!!!

There's just something about the quiet after a busy weekend...filled with many sounds and many voices....don't get me wrong...I love the sounds and voices.....but I also love the quiet....

Of're always faced with the quandary..what to don't want to squander your last remaining days of quiet....all the kids will be done school on Wednesday.....then, your time will not be your, those of you who have little ones at home are saying...'what quiet'? I haven't had quiet for years and wont for many years to come.....believe me...I've been there, done the t-shirt somewhere!......for example when Megan graduated from elementary school last year, I counted up the years.....I had kids going to that school for twenty-nine years! Now wouldn't you agree with me that I've had young kids around for a few years???????

So, what to do today...well, yesterday I FINALLY finished the hand stitching on Jairus', the last and final step before carefully washing making the binding and attaching it to the quilt...and then it should be done!! The poor little guy has only been waiting since last just keeps getting in the way of my quilting! I've taken it everywhere with me...Pennsylvania, Florida and work on it when I's a well travelled quilt to be sure....then,...I must get the quilt top put together for my next quilt...which is a surprise for my hubby...the trouble is I have to have another quilt top done also...why, you say......well, when hubby is around I can't very well work on his or he'll see it and ask means TWO quilt tops have to be made in the next two weeks before I go to the trailer.....hubby's and another one...oh my goodness...and I will admit that cutting out and sewing quilt tops together is my least favourite part...I'd much rather just sit and hand quilt the 'sandwich' together....the
sandwich is the top, the batting and the backing...put together like a sandwich and then hand or machine stitched together in a design....there you go a brief, very brief, quilting lesson!

So, it sounds like I've already made up my mind while sitting here so I best get to it!

Have a wonderful, quiet day!

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