Monday, January 9, 2012

My Day..

Good Morning...the sun is shining, hubby is 'at the gate', according to his text, at Buffalo airport waiting to board for his flight to Florida, Ben and Megan have left for school, Maya has crawled into bed ( after working her first night shift at Tim Horton's )..... And the dogs are sleeping...the house is quiet...I'm sitting here, contemplating my day....many things to do...tidy up from the weekend, put the quilting room in order cause little William should be sleeping in it tonight....eldest son Ryan is coming down, with his family, to join in the effort to get eldest daughter's house built so they can move in, five weeks from this Wednesday. Last week number three son helped building walls also....he said he enjoyed it....good thing he likes the heat on in the new house yet.....but number three son went back to the army, ( his regular job, he normally lives on base about five hours away from here)....which is good, cause them Maya could move back into the room he was using (which was hers, before army guy came home,) to make room for eldest son's family, to stay in her new room....confused yet? It's like musical rooms(chairs) around here! That's okay...we will survive! .....when Maya wakes up then I'll get the vacuuming accomplished.....sometime today, I'll get my quilting stuff gathered up cause tomorrow is quilting class! Yea!! It'll be good to see the ladies again. I have to try and find out today, just what is going on with Emma, our wayward daughter...she is suppose to be returning to the youth home today....if she behaved herself all weekend and came home for her curfew at the youth shelter(which is a different place than the youth home).... Haven't heard from her since last Thursday when she sent me some confusing texts....I sent her a text last night but she didn't respond. So, I guess i'll try the shelter and see if she's still there. It's a sunny day, and there are things to do, places to go, people to see...guess I'll get on with my day...have a good one! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes all we can do it keep on praying and loving them. Enjoy your son and family's visit. Praying your hubby will have a safe trip.