Friday, May 20, 2011

Honour's quilt and holiday talk.....

Good Morning Company Girls!

Above is 7 year old Honour, with her quilt that she made for her new cousin, due to be born in August...didn't she do a great job..of course nana's photography skills could have been better, but I think you can see it. I am very proud of her..not only for the sewing but that she even had the idea herself and gathered all the materials on her own! Way to go Honour!

I was going to post more pics to do with my post but blogger's taking five minutes at least to upload my next pic so I figured I would just get on with the we have two birthdays in our family!! Paul, who is 23 today and grand daughter Verity, who is 6!! I also have a nephew who is celebrating today and I remember that cause he was the youngest guest at our wedding. We will be celebrating 38 years on June 16th, Lord willing and Ray was just a few weeks old dad also celebrates in May and before Verity was born, quite often we would celebrate Paul's and dad's at the same family gathering....yes, May is a very celebratory month in this family!

This week things have been rough with Emma.....she's got an attitude a mile long that's very difficult to live with....she told me last night that she'll probably get beat up at school today...apparently the girl that loaned her the marijuana pipe last Thursday and subsequently had it taken by the police, wants renumeration..well, Emma hasn't any you know that you can buy those pipes at any local convenience store...isn't that the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard can just walk in and buy something that is used to do something illegal, while you're picking up your bread and milk...isn't that wonderful....????????? It boggles my advice to her was to always stay in open spaces where there were a lot of people, preferably closer to school personnel...I know that if I called the school and reported it that it would just make it more difficult for her...the choices that kids make these days truly prove that their frontal lobe is still unattached....

This weekend little William is coming for a visit...his mom and dad are going camping...his mom and dad think this will be the last time that she can go camping before the baby comes...they really know..sleeping bags, air mattress....guess it would be hard to roll off an air mattress with a large pregnant belly....the weather hasn't been good around here the last week so it's probably best that they leave William here...toddlers and mud..oh my.... appointments scheduled......I am thrilled...although hubby does want me to switch vehicles with him on Wednesday so I can take his car in to get the summer tires put I guess that's kind of an appointment....and then on Thursday we are scheduled to leave on our will be a loooooooooooog travelling day.....leaving Buffalo airport at 11:30am...3 hour layover in Chicago.....landing around 8pm in Seattle and then going to our hotel...about a 45 minute drive in Mukilteo (not sure if that's spelled correctly)....and then on Saturday..on to Hawaii...hubby is very excited...I'm starting to allow myself to feel a little anticipation..there's been sooooo much going on lately that I keep thinking that something will happen to prevent this from happening......hubby has been planning and saving for this trip since a year ago's been a long wait of very grateful that eldest daughter Leslie and Paul's girlfriend, Sara have willingly stepped in to cover teen care for us...without them there wouldn't be a trip and we are extremely appreciative.....when you have four special needs teens it's not easy getting help and we are understanding of those who feel they can't handle it and are too busy with their own lives (hey, if they weren't my kids I'd probably be running in the opposite direction too!)...that's life and that's what we accepted a long time ago...some days are easier to accept than others but that is be it.

Well, I've just noticed that I separated Honour's two pics of her and her quilt,...looking below you can see the quilt better ...oh well....I've never professed to be good at this computer stuff!

It's a long weekend here for Canadians...Victoria weekend , commemoration of a Queen's long ago dead but we still take the holiday...when growing up we called it the 24th of May, the kids refer to it as the two four weekend...oh's still a holiday....hopefully the weather will co-operate!

Have a wonderful weekend!


mholgate said...

She did a beautiful job on the quilt! :) How sweet of her to take the time to make it!

I hope you enjoy your well-deserved vacation. Relax, enjoy your husband, and take lots of pictures. (Even if blogger doesn't like to upload them!)

I could use a vacation from packing right now! Only four weeks to go. But I now feel peace because we have someplace to move in to! A nice spacious 7 bedroom. God really blessed our socks off.


Aiming4Simple said...

I love the quilt! My 7-year-old would love to make one, if only I could teach her. I've never tried quilting.

After all your parenting challenges, I hope and pray you can have some refreshing times this holiday weekend.

Thanks for your visit to my blog.


joyceandnorm said...

The quilt is fabulous!!!! She could probably teach me a thing or two. =)

For the photos, maybe it would help if you resize them. If you still want the photos in their original size, make copies and resize the copies. They will upload much quicker.

I am glad you will have some help to hold down the fort while you take a vacation.

Katharine said...

Honour did a wonderful job on the quilt! Wow... I say its time to get excited! Hawaii!! I hope you have a great time with lots of rest and relaxation! I am enjoying this holiday weekend(at least the sun is out beautifully today!)

Danyelle said...

She did a fantastic job on her quilt! I can see why you are so proud of her.

I hope you have a good vacation! I know that planning and making sure everyone is covered and taken care of can be stressful, but I hope you can relax once you get there.