Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yea Mom!

We're up at the trailer this week...trying to squeeze in a week or two of rest......but...before we could actually get going, we had to come back down to the city....a 2-1/4 hour drive.....youngest daughter, who has cardiac issues needed to have her annual was suppose to happen on May 11th...but on that day we buried my dad. When specialists reschedule appointments..well, you don't really argue.....hubby had to come down on the same day to do his very last class for this semester...the final, early yesterday morning, we left the oldest two behind and brought the youngest two and made the trek down.
It ended up being a full day....going to the children's hospital for the ecg and check-up....which she came through with flying colours..the doctor was extremely pleased.....then onto the car repair shop where they replaced my one front headlight ...and what a lovely treat...when I asked them how much I owed...they just waved me off and said 'nothing'...see...there are nice people left in this world!
Back at home, we had to make a quick trip to the drug store and the hardware store...grabbed some subs for our supper....raced back home....inhaled the subs and ran out the door to drop hubby off at his class....teacher mustn't be late you know.......than I went over to eldest daughter's house and dropped off the two youngest so I could go see that lady at the top of the mom.
She's been at a rehab place for the last two weeks...recovering from a fall where she fractured her pelvis. They had a meeting on Monday morning...they asked my mom....'well, do you need our help getting in and out of bed and toileting?', no, she says...'well, how about getting washed and we help you with that?', she says.....'well, how about getting down to the dining room for we help you with, she says....then the lady asking the questions says.....well, then..what are we doing for you? mom just smiled.
My mom is a very stubborn Irish woman......she wouldn't give into this fracture....she kept pushing herself..doing the exercises...I think at the age of 84-1/2 that she's just instead of staying there 6-8 weeks they say she can come home on the 9th of August...just 4 weeks after going there! It will be so great to see her back at her retirement home...we're all looking forward to it immensely!
So, we had a nice visit....she couldn't remember that she was getting to go home early but she was thrilled when I told her...but that's okay...I got to tell her again....she said at one point with lip trembling that she was glad dad wasn't here to see her like this....we joked about how he'd be getting after her for falling.......but, she's right he would have been distressed...but he also would have been very proud of her.....just as I am.
Way to go mom...ya' did great!


joyceandnorm said...

sounds like lots of things got done on that trip back. glad to hear youngest daughter's check up went well. and your mom is such a trooper. i'm sure she is happy to be back in a comfy bed. like i always say, 'home is where my bed is.' =p

EileenKNY said...

Your Mom went through the same thing as mine just did. Mine's 91 and so it took longer to recover but she's back in her apt. Hope your Mom accepts the home health care if they offer it. She can ease back into her routines at a slower place that way.
Good to read that everything went well with the ecg.

Steph said...

So glad to hear that your mom is going to be able to go home early!