Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Where's my rocking chair?

On my google reader list..which by the way is way toooooo long...but I can't help myself, it's like an addiction.....anyways, one of the blogs I read on a regular basis is one written by a gal named Cindy Cindy has mentioned a few times that this is the year she turns 40.....40! goodness..she's a baby! Let's see the year I turned 40, I just had 4 kids in the house...coincidentally, I have 4 kids here now....not the same 4 kids mind you....and the ones I had at 40 were a lot younger! I was a lot younger. This morning, as I was getting my shoes on to take Megan to the orthodontist, Paul was observing me letting out a big sigh and he said 'mom, you're getting to old for this'....I looked at him and said, 'you're telling me?!'

You see after reading Cindy saying a few times about this being a big year for her, and all...that all of a sudden I realized...'oh my's a big year for me ..I'm going to be 60!!!!!!'

Now....according to most stores...and movie theatres(I realized on Monday when hubby and I went to the movies and saw a really depressing movie) I haven't yet achieved senior status....but.... still..... people....doesn't 60 sound old?...I mean really old! When I was 40, I'm sure that I thought 60 was old.....I'm 59 and I feel like 60 is just sounds old!

Cindy says that she's going to celebrate turning 40 all year long.....good grief.....turning 60, one day will be sufficient! (Here's where you smile Ryan (inside joke)). Hubby and I were talking about this the other day...he actually had the nerve to agree with me...don't men know when they're suppose to agree and when not? When I asked him if he thought 60 sounded old..he smiled and said...'ya'! Obviously he doesn't know what side his bread is buttered on!

I really think that since I'm going to become this grand old age then I should be able to sit all day..if I want to, I should be able to quilt all day....if I want to....I should be able to read a book all day if I want to...don't ya think? To heck with all these appointments...where's my rocking chair!

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Anonymous said...

My google reader is growing by the minute. It's crazy. We need a "subscription anonymous" group or something. I just had a lady at church over yesterday. She just retired 2 years ago, and she was talking about taking piano day. It could just be the beginning. =)