Monday, January 11, 2010

Take a Deeeeeep Breath!

Have you ever gone from 0 to 110 on your emotional scale....when you're barely awake!!!!!! Happened to me this morning.....I had just woke up...hubby was still getting ready for work..(sometime he gets up and is completely dressed and I don't hear a thing!) I went in to visit the bathroom and lo and behold....there is my awakening stupor, I notice her starting to apply toothpaste to her toothbrush......wait...not the expensive electric toothbrush the orthodontist gave her, but her old manual one...the pre-braces one. When I calmly asked her 'what the heck she was doing'...well, she says,...the other orthodontist (there are two in this office, when she went in for brace tightening last week she got the one that hadn't worked on her yet) ....apparently, she claims that he asked her if she had any other toothbrushes...she said yes....and that he told her that she could use that one instead of expensive electric one! Personally, I have a very difficult time believing this.....Megan constantly puts her own spin on conversations and they are usually quite out to lunch.....even with the expensive electric toothbrush, Megan does a mediocre job....but with the old manual...well, lets just say she might as well just pass the brush in a floating manner across the outside of her face and that would give you a good idea just how well her teeth would be brushed! As it is with the electric one I have to give her teeth a good brushing at least once every 1-2 days...just to get them all brushed! I can see that, now, instead of reading a book in the waiting room, that I'll have to go back with her and stand by while adjustments are being made...just to make sure that whatever load of ............ , she's trying to tell the orthodontist (or myself, later) isn't getting twisted in 50 million directions! She already tried to tell the new guy that her teacher wouldn't let her brush her teeth after lunch at school and maybe I should say something...I already knew about the situation...she tried to get out of doing her chore of washing the dishes at school to go and brush her teeth....she could go..just after she had completed her chore....I told the orthodontist this and he gave an all knowing smile..(he must be a parent)....I told her on the way home that I didn't think her teacher would appreciate her tattle tailing on her...she actually agreed and said the teacher would probably be angry. I said that I wouldn't blame her, in the least.

You see, I live with Megan...24/7......and mornings like today....when I'm sure my blood pressure shot up like a geyser.....first thing...upon awakening...are definitely not my idea of a good time! All I could see was the last 2-1/2 months replaying over and over for the next 2-1/2 years, while these braces are that 'Ground Hog Day' movie........ hubby was giving me a hug goodbye...he said 'just relax dear' brings to mind, a nurse I had after one of my many surgeries....I was in terrible pain...begging the nurse for another shot of pain relieving medication....and what would she fact, she would sing it out...loudly.....'just take a deeeeep breath' the time, because I was just a kid, I used to think she didn't know what she was talking fact I believe I disliked that nurse, intensely,...I felt she stood between me and being pain, as an adult, I see that she was very right...she couldn't give me the pain meds any sooner or I'd overdose.....and all I could do was take a deep, I guess that's what I'll do....take a deep breath and get on with my day......

Have a good one, people!

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