Friday, December 19, 2008

My poor doggie

I've posted a picture before of my dog Tucker...the black lab that likes to carry his metal dish around in his mouth....well, poor Tucker is sick....we even thought we were going to have to put him down today, I really didn't want to do that, especially this close to Christmas. It reminded me of another dog I had many years ago. His name was Tippy....Tippy was a little on the wild side. He was an outdoor dog and he used to always try to dig out of his pen....he used to peel back the corner of the fencing with his very strong jaws and get loose! So, because it was in December, and very difficult to dad attached a long chain to his house inside the pen and hooked Tippy up to it. Well, three days before Christmas my younger brother went out to take him his food and found that Tippy had hung himself trying to get back into the pen after he had gone through the opening he had created....I know, pretty gross......I was devastated....he was my very first dog.
Now Tucker, my black lab was a birthday gift to me nine years ago. He's also a very strong dog...we had to attach airline cable to the framework of our fridge to attach Tucker to whenever we left the house. There were many times that we would come home and find the fridge moved!
Well, about a week ago we noticed that Tucker was having difficulty relieving himself...we already had a vet appointment set up for the next day because Tucker had happy tail again. Happy Tail is when a lab whacks their tail so hard on furniture and appliances , when they're excited, that they split their tail at the tip and you have blood everywhere. Tucker's tail had been split for a month and wasn't healing. We always put a sock on it and attached it with duck tape to keep it on. It usually heals in a week to ten days, but this time it wasn't. When he went to the vet the vet thought he had a kidney infection and put him on an antibiotic. A week later he was worse...last night he spent the whole night, just pacing and groaning. So back to the vet we went to today. The vet was at a loss to know what was wrong...he exrayed him and saw that his bladder was huge! The sedated him and put in a catheter and took off a lot of urine.....they sent him home with more meds. The vet kind of indicated that it the new medication didn't work that we should consider euthanizing him.

Poor Tucker......


Amanda said...

Oh poor Tucker! I hope the new meds work and he's feeling better for Christmas. *hugs*

J9 said...

Aw, poor puppy! Hope he's feeling better soon!!

Kerri said...

I hope Tucker is of our puppies was sick two weeks ago. You know that if a beagle puppy doesn't give you ANY kisses, there's something wrong. He stayed overnight in Pet ER and got to come home in 24 hours. We were sooo glad! Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's a pleasure to meet you!!

mholgate said...

Sorry to hear about Tucker. I hope the new meds work. Max is our first "family" dog. We got him as a puppy at the beginning of this year. I know the kids would be devistated if anything ever happened to him.

The picture of you and your DH is great! It's like pulling teeth to get my DH to take a picture with me. : )

Thanks for stopping by. Have a Merry Christmas!


Erin said...

Poor Tucker. Hope he is feeling better. {{{hugs}}}