Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Party

When we were at the party a man that my hubby works with asked if he could take our here it is! It was an enjoyable evening..the food was good. Although, it wasn't until we were on our way home that my husband said that the other three husbands of the three couples at the table were all vice presidents! Good grief...and there I was, asking the man beside me...he was quite young....'and what is your work with the company?'....groan......if I'd only known.

My hubby looks quite handsome in his suit doesn't he? It used to be that he always had to wear a tie and jacket but once they went to dress casual he rarely wears a suit and tie anymore. It was a nice occasion to get dressed up!


Dani said...

I love when my husband dresses up, too! Thanks for sharing!

Rachel Anne said...

Well, in spite of the small faux pas, it sounds like the party was fun. I'll bet the man you asked never gave it a second thought!

It's fun to have an occasion to dress up for, although I think I am glad we don't have one this year. My festive clothes are a bit "tired". You and your husband look great. 35 years, awesome!!

Jennifer said...

Hi Mom, You look beautiful in the picture too (and yes Dad does look handsome). You're outfit is very nice. Good for you for doing that for yourself. I'd love a print of this picture. I'm glad you had a good time at the party. You deserve it.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Luv Jenn

Fishy Girl said...

You and your husband make a beautiful couple. You are obviously a great match for each other.

Esthermay said...

What! They don't invite the janitors to Christmas parties anymore? Only VP's?
". . . the least of these"
You do look like a wonderful couple. I regret the day my DH decided to go casual. They look so *hot* in a suit and tie, don't they?
~esthermay @The Heart of a Pastor's Wife

Erin said...

A very nice picture of your husband and you.

Thanks for stopping by for coffee.

Anonymous said...

People always like talking about themselves. I'll be the VP was glad someone was interested.

You and your husband both look great! Glad you had a good time.