Friday, September 12, 2014

The Rollercoaster

So, since we buried little Trinity, I've kind of taken a step back from Emma and all her drama....I did try and take her to an appointment this past Monday to get her broken arm, when she didn't answer her door after many times of knocking, and waiting down in her lobby for an hour...I left.

Waited for her to contact me....she finally did, briefly on Wednesday night....

Yesterday, was suppose to be a nice day. My sister and I were going to check out this dress store in Hamilton for a dress for son Paul's wedding...yes, the hunt is on. We didn't have any success at this particular store, which was located uptown in the city. We decided that we'd try this hamburger place that everyone raves about.....

Just sat down there and ordered our drinks when my phone rang. It was daughter Maya, at home....the police had called our house looking for me because Emma's boyfriend had been arrested and she wanted me to come...

Sister and I thot we should go, so we told the waitress there was a family emergency and left. Maya called the police were bring Emma to our house....good grief and glory be.....there goes the neighbourhood ....not one but two police cars out front of my house in broad daylight! Bet that set the tongues a waggin'!

Sister and I arrived home....Emma wasn't forthcoming with very much info which bugged me....the cops just dumped her and her wheel chair ( which the boyfriend stole from the hospital) at my house and I didn't know what the heck was going on.

Of course, hubby was teaching and missed all the fun.

Then two women showed up from Victim Services ...they talked to Emma for about an hour...tried to get her to go to the shelter and not home, but in the end she refused and insisted that she goes home.

So, I took her.....meanwhile having pieced together that her and boyfriend went to the local mall , they got into an argument, he started becoming physical, beating on her, a girl in a wheelchair, so the cops were called and they hauled him off to jail for the night. They said there'd be a restraining order on him but I highly doubt that'll stop him from coming around.

Hubby came to her apartment on the way home from class...we both tried to talk to her...she just became hysterical, saying she needed to talk to a counsellor cause they know how to talk to people.

We left.

She left with us to go to the apartment below her where she knew she could get some weed. She needed something to help her sleep, she said.

Ya, this is our life.....don't ya love it?

~ Marie

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