Friday, November 2, 2012


Good Morning Company Girls!

Although it is still dull and dreary out at this time of the morning.....we must keep pushing on....a lot of people post that fall/autumn is their most favourite time of the year...I, myself find it depressing....I hate to see everything dying off and everything so barren....but that all seems so insignificant in light of the week that some people have endured. My goodness, some of those pictures on the television of what some people went thru with the big storm, ...well, it just made you really thankful. We experienced the wind and the rain, but fortunately we didn't lose power. I was really afraid of that....we have a sump pump to take away the excess water off our hydro means the water doesn't get taken away and means my basement gets flooded. Eight weeks ago, before I broke my arm, I was on a schedule...a mission to clean my basement and purge all unnecessary paraphernalia taking up residence was supposed to be done by Thanksgiving! I was on a was getting done...I was very organized about it...dividing the basement into sections, doing a bit at a time....unfortunately the broken arm kind of bunged that up, and the mess is still down there...I was alarmed that if our power went out, all that stuff would be a soggy mess....wet stuff is much harder to move than dry, that's for sure! I was so thankful that our power remained on! Hopefully, I can get back to the huge clean up very soon...the arm and hand are making progress....I can move the fingers although they still swell and I can't wear my wedding rings yet...very disappointing....I can't lift any weight without experiencing pain....I am trying to use it as normally as possible...well, lets put it this normally as possible for me!.....there's never been nothing normal about my arms since I was born without fifty per cent of the muscles in them!

Moving on....hubby had another doctor's appointment yesterday.....he still has the drain in his abdomen to drain the abscess ...fortunately the nurse practitioner has taken charge and before we left he was given an appointment for this Saturday to have an ultrasound and hopefully the drain tube removed. So back to the hospital we go and hopefully that will be done. I joked that we should have gotten a monthly hospital parking pass since we've been there so much! I also have to return to same said hospital next Tuesday to have another exray of the arm done! Parking at hospitals is very expensive! It's like adding insult to injury...geesh! Then, in a few weeks, on the 22nd, hubby has an appointment at the hospital, with a surgeon, to discuss cutting out the section of Crohn's disease that's taken over his bowel..well, a part of his bowel.....this getting old is for the birds..really...

My older sister and her husband are retired...which is a good thing because, being the eldest and a take charge kind of person, she has pretty well taken over the care of our mother. Mom is in a retirement home, so yes ,the day to day needs are met but sister is there almost daily making sure those needs are she takes her to all medical, dental and financial appointments. Twice a year sister and her hubby trek down to Florida for a few weeks for a holiday. It is much needed since she does so much for our mother...I will admit that that quite often I feel guilty that with the constraints of having a large family that it usually doesn't leave a lot of time to help my mom. I'm grateful that sister and her hubby have that, myself and my one brother are on tap to take care of mom for the next three weeks because sister and her hubby left for Florida this past week. I have all my instructions and hopefully all goes well .

Emma called me last night and apparently her and her boyfriend got kicked out of their place, she's come full circle and is back at a shelter..she called yesterday, from the week is her nineteenth birthday. This shelter is 66 kilometers away from our house, it's the other side of Toronto...I hate Toronto traffic and hubby isn't able to go with me, I'm not sure what I can do to help her....sounds kind of lame I know, but it's more complicated than that...really. I have to keep reminding myself that this is what Emma wanted when she left our home a year be on her own, to live her life the way she wanted, without mother's heart is sad.

Praying this week and this weekend for fellow Company Girl , Star Walker Neely....her and her hubby are in Uganda to hopefully bring back their new daughter! Cant wait to see pictures...they have to stay there a very long time ...away from their four kids at home....must be soooo difficult...

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend....hopefully hubby gets the drain tube out, hopefully Emma finds a place to live and she doesn't have to stay at the shelter very long....hopefully I can stay on top of things with my mom and nothing goes wrong....hopefully youngest daughter Megan doesn't drive me totally around the bend....hopefully, daughter Maya, who starts her drivers Ed course tomorrow does well in the classes...( class work is not her strong suit)...that's a lot of hope.

I read Sally Clarkson's blog today and the last few lines caught my attention......
Joy comes through exercising faith right on the path that God has led. Faith catalyzes joy as we worship by choosing to see God right in our midst at this place, in this step of life.

I'm going to try and dwell on this thot this weekend.

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Katharine said...

Praying for Emma, and for speedier recovery of your arm! I know what you mean about the rain, I wish we could have even a bit of sun! I didn't know about Star's adopting(I'm still catching up with blogs) I'll have to go and leave a comment with her! Blessings on your weekend!

Anonymous said...

This motherhood thing is tough, but totally puts things into perspective when we realize the depth of God's love for us...yet while we were still sinners, Christ died for us! We continue to love on them even in the midst of everything that is not-so-great.

Isn't it so exciting about Star being in Uganda?! What a journey!