Friday, November 30, 2012

Good Morning Company Girls!

It has been awhile since I have keeps getting in the way!

We are coming into the Christmas season and I will admit to having somewhat of a panic developing since I've hardly boughten anything ....there are no decorations up...the tree has yet to be cut down and transported other words , pretty well absolutely no preparations have been made and less than a month to go!

In looking back over the last few weeks, the schedule has been slightly overwhelming to the point that at the beginning of last week I declared that I was running away from home on Friday ( that was last Friday) ....people laughed but I was truly serious! Hubby had an appointment with the surgeon that had been set up when he left the hospital in October on the Thursday, so that's why I had to wait for the Friday.....the surgeon was supposed to give him all the details of the upcoming surgery , which we really needed to hear to fill in the blanks and answer all the questions we had......this was not to be, we had the appointment but not the answers.

Son Ben, started a special bus transportation class that runs every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon til the middle of December...this is a class where they teach developmentally delayed adults to take public transportation in the city. Ben does have some experience locally but not city wide so it was thot that this would be beneficial for him......unfortunately this interferes with my quilting group which meets for the day, every Ben comes with me and I leave group early to take him to his class...then I find something to do for two hours until he's done...unfortunately it's located in the part of the city where there isn't any shopping, so I'm no further ahead in Christmas prep!

Back to the surgeon visit last Thursday.....when we arrived the surgeon took one look at Don and said ' you look great'.....and he did, he'd gained back some weight, his colour looked good, he had the surgeon said...'since you're doing so well, we'll just set you up with a cat scan and see how things look'.....kind of like putting things in a holding pattern.....good grief.....what a way to spend your life...not that we want surgery...but to put off the inevitable was kind of disappointing....he did an exam, and even though hubby said the area where the Crohn's was tender and a little thick feeling the last couple of days, the doctor said it was probably just the Crohn's ....he would put in the requisition for the cat scan...which usually takes a number of weeks to happen.

That was last running away day, was also hubby's alternate Friday, I asked him if he'd like to join me in running away...he said sure...right after he got his Twinrix vaccination and also a needle for pneumonia ....not that he has these but they're part of the preparation for the drug therapy they want him on after the surgery....whenever that,.....we ran away late in the morning.....went down to our favourite place ...Niagara On The Lake......had a lovely lunch and went to a few later in the afternoon I was quite weary of running away so we headed home....good thing.

When we arrived home hubby started not feeling well....chills, nausea, fatigue...he thot it was the vaccination reacting .....the Crohn's area was becoming more swollen...the rest of the evening, he just dozed on and off...not wanting to eat.

The next day Saturday, I was supposed to go to a craft show with eldest daughter.....but hubby didn't look well at all.....he insisted that I should go, and if needed we could go to the hospital when I returned....I had him show me the Crohn's area and when I saw one side if his abdomen twice the size of the other side, I put my foot down and said we were going to the hospital now.

We arrived at the hospital and they looked after us right away...blood work and ultrasound revealed that the abscess had returned and would need to be drained...he was admitted...again....they started him on two very strong antibiotics right away...

The next day, Sunday, we were surprised when a porter showed up at his bed saying he was there to take him to intervention...that's where they put the drain tube in...we were quite surprised...and so were the doctors later on...they never put drains in on Sundays....turns out the doctor that did it was called in for another emergency procedure and decided to do hubby as well....this was great as hubby was still feeling nauseous and lethargic from all the infection in his body....

Two days later we were back home...the doctors telling him that since the abscess came back so quickly that surgery would have to be it's a case of waiting til the infection clears up and going back to the surgeon on the 13th of December...the drain tube will stay in til that time.

The previous week had been rather intense because Emma...daughter that left home just over a year ago, has found herself pregnant...for real this time....she wasn't getting herself to the doctor so I offered to go with her....she gladly this was a pretty big deal , on my part because Emma lives in the Toronto area.....I've never driven the major highways around Toronto, on my own...I google mapped her location...(I don't have a GPS)...then I wrote each highway/ exit I had to take on individual post it notes....put them across my dash and set out!....hubby laughed when he heard this but multilane highways around major cities intimidate me!.....about an hour later I arrived.....poor Emma has got herself in quite the dilemma....she's one of these pregnant woman that has morning sickness ALL morning....some people might say it serves her right but I'm her mom and I feel bad for anyone that is constantly vomiting....I, myself hate that, so don't wish it on anyone. We saw the doctor...he needed blood work to confirm....we went to the lab, got that between runs to the bathroom...then I took her to the drug a script for nausea, went to the grocery store...bought ginger ale and soda crackers....and took her back home....that took all morning....the blood test did confirm the pregnancy but for some reason Emma's been out of communication for almost a week now, so I'm not sure what's happening there.

One if my older sons, was in a motorcycle accident a number of years ago and is just getting a financial settlement now....not that he deserves it, but that's the way the system goes I'm afraid.....he was just as much responsible for what happened to him as the guy that was driving, but the lawyers see it now he's come into quite a bit of money...unfortunately the guy will probably spend it see his birth mom drank alcohol while pregnant and now he has Fetal Alcohol syndrome...very bad....he does not make good decisions and acts impulsively....but he's 29 years old...not too much we can do....trouble is...all the guy really wants is what a lot of people take for granted...a home and a family....he just wants to be like everyone else.....

So, all these day to day living with 3 developmentally delayed young adults...has put me way behind in Christmas prep....and also made me want to run away.

Do you ever want to run away? How do you handle it...where would you go?

Location:Are you ready for Christmas?


mholgate said...

Good to catch up with you today. I am sorry to hear about your husband not doing well. I will lift him up in my prayers. You are a good mama to go be with your daughter in a scary time for her.

Yes, I have felt like running away from home at times. Raising five kids who are back to back in ages has had its frustrations, but there is also so much joy. Usually when I get overwhelmed I know it's time to schedule a date night, or a girl's night. Either way, I get re-charged and I am ready to go again.

I couldn't do this parenting thing at all with out the love and support (and patience) that I receive from above. God is good!


joyceandnorm said...

Oh dear! I would want to run away too. I'm glad you are sticking around, and I'm pretty sure those who are depending on you are glad too. :) Covering you with prayers, friend.