Friday, December 16, 2011

Have yourself a Merry little Christmas....

Good Morning Company Girls!

Well, How are you all doin'? Things are just peachy around here...I'm waiting for my grand girlies to arrive for the day....eldest daughter called last night to see if I could take them while she took eldest grandson to Toronto for his special therapy. The lady that she had lined up to babysit wasn't able to do it....her kids were busy being, it should be an interesting day...Honour is 8, Verity is 6 and Afton is 3. They keep ya goin'!

Hubby and I have been working our fingers to the bone the last few weeks. Emma's old bedroom, is significantly larger than Maya's 8 x 9 space, so when Emma moved out we decided to move Maya down to that bedroom. First of all, we had to pack up Emma's remaining stuff....then we had to assess the damage...yes, you read would seem that whenever Emma was angry, she took it out on the walls.....several holes from kicking and punching needed to be repaired. I got the inspiration that putting some nice white wainscoting around the perimeter of the room would look nice as well as cover up at least 3 of the holes...hubby that's what we did. Since hubby has a very busy schedule, most of the work was done on the weekends. We repainted, put up the wainscoting, new trim and baseboard, a new door (ya, that was kinda wrecked up too)..and last night Maya spent her first night in the 'new' room. We'll see how her night was when she finally decides to roll out of bed this morning. Today her work shift is 2pm-10pm, so I'll let her sleep awhile. Now, Maya's old room will be turned into an office. Hubby is in sore need of one....teaching between 2-3 classes per semester and doing the church books, and our books...he has so many different binders and cases around here..all spread out in different will be good when they're all contained in one room! This little paint and moving the desk from the family area..oh and the printer in there wont take place for a few weeks cause Paul is coming home! He needs a place to sleep while on leave, so he'll be in Maya's old's kind of a good thing that we get this break cause hubby and I are a little weary .......

How is your Christmas shopping coming along? I have one son that I still have to buy for and stocking stuff...oh, and order a plant arrangement for my mother-in-law.....we have to remember to get a turkey this weekend..we tried at our grocery shopping last weekend but they didn't have the size we needed....we don't need as big a one cause there will be less people this Christmas..Emma says that she'll come for dinner but I'm not holding my breath....haven't heard anything from Corey, so I doubt he'll come...daughter Lauren and her boyfriend will be attending his family Christmas dinner...and my mom, who has been at my place the last few Christmases will be at my brother's house. I figure a 15 pounder should do.....hope somebody has that size tomorrow.......

Hubby has next week off and the kids go to school all week, til Friday, so I'm really looking forward to having some time with him next week....and we wont have to paint anything, or nail anything...yay! Now,..if we just had the money to go away for a few days.....oh, well.....I'm just grateful that the room is done...maybe we'll even have some time to decorate our tree! Poor tree...sat for two weeks without anything on it...absolutely bare....last Sunday hubby got the lights on, so it doesn't look dark and quite so forlorn....maybe this weekend we'll get the 10 or so rubbermaid tubs upstairs and get some decorations on it....although just the lights do look pretty.....:0)

I doubt I'll have time to be on next week case that I'm not, I would like to wish all the other Company girls a wonderful Christmas...I want to thank all that read my blog throughout the year, who left lovely encouraging comments,..who prayed for me and my family, please don't stop...I'm afraid that Emma is on a slippery downward slope. Thank you so much.

Merry Christmas!

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One More Equals Four said...

Girl, we need pictures of all your hard work! I'm sure it looks amazing! We will have a scaled down celebration here, too, cause hubby's sister can't come until the 28th. I am looking forward to a quieter, more peaceful week this week. I'm even hoping for breakfast with a friend!

Enjoy that time with your hubby and don't worry about all that other stuff, just being together with family is great decorations or no!

Have a great weekend!

Katharine said...

Your "new" room sounds lovely! I have one gift left to buy, and a few stocking stuffers! I sure am looking forward to everyone having some time off as well!
Enjoy your week and Have a wonderful, restful Christmas!

J9 said...

At least your tree is in your house - mine is still in the garage in a bucket of water! Hoping to get it in and decorated this weekend, otherwise what's the point... :P

Anonymous said...

Have fun with the grandgirlies!

Wow, sounds like a whole checklist of things are getting down around the house. We need to get it into gear as we've been here for 3 years, but our walls are still pretty bare.

Oh boy, guys are hard to shop for. I'll just leave it at that. =p

It sounds like everyone may end up doing a simple Christmas this year. We don't even get a tree, but we use all the Christmas cards that we receive to make a "tree". =p

Praying for you, friend.

A Renaissance Woman said...

Hello, Cassandra here via Coffee Girls. You posted just before me so I wanted to say hi. I would love to see pictures of your room makeover. I've been wanting to put wainscoting in my bathroom but have been too chicken to try it myself.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and blessings for a Happy New Year!